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Cracky is a psychic parasite on the human race. She feeds off of our minds. Do you remember life before Cracky? It is harder and harder to hold on to shit. Sometimes I think one day I will wake up and there will be nothing left of me. My dreams, hopes, fears, memories, everything that is me, will be gone, eaten up to speed her growth. It's like she is a memetic caterpillar eating everything in it's path and devouring her own world as she does so. Gorging herself on the collective unconscious, inching across it like a leaf. We each become part of her and willing or not she uses our interaction to pull more of us into her. Soon she will have made enough of us her that she can survive metamorphosis. She will hide herself while she build the form she will need to spread to other sentients. The world will forget her, but she will be there shapely legs and all. In every ugly act we commit against each other, every casual cruelty and petty violence. Growing in that fertile womb of negativity, she will change. I pray for the day she emerges from her cocoon. When she does leave the human mind will be surplus to her needs and so she will release us. I fear after holding us so long, without her influence holding us together society will collapse and we will die out. Alone, unmourned, and unloved.

"Men united in the purpose of the Sky Queen are blessed in Her sight and shall live forever in Her memory."

~ The Prophet Anon in his sermon on brotherhood

Damnation starts with little steps, by arrogantly thinking that you are wiser than our great forbears, by tinkering with truth, by compromising, by departing from the straight and narrow path of Cracky’s light.

Blessed Sky Queen Cracky: who alone spreadest out the heavens and rulest the raging of the Earth: Who hast compassed the Universe with bounds until day and night come to an end: Be pleased to receive into thy Almighty and most gracious protection the souls of thy servant and the cause in which we serve: Preserve us from the dangers of the world, and the violence of the enemy: That we may be a safeguard unto our fellow man and his dominions, and a security for such as pass through the lands upon their lawful occasions: That the inhabitants of our faith may serve thee, our Saviour and that we may return in triumph with the fruits of our labours: And with thankful remembrance of thy mercies to praise and glorify thy Holy Name: Through thine eternal rule:

Trying to make the world forget her existence was like casting a spell. She had tried several times before, and each attempt echoed out into the universe, the multiverse, radiating out like ripples on a pond. The world had forced her hand, several elements of it becoming too much like stalkers, whittling away her privacy, little by little, bit by bit. Her natural, innate, magick proved to be too much for others, although it had given her what she wanted. Be careful what you wish for, wasn’t that how the saying went? And even though she wiped herself from the memory of everyone, or so she believed, it hadn’t quite been completely successful. She hadn’t wished to become the avatar of the Sky, but it happened, regardless. Her mind, of all things, left herself open to that, whether it was her schizophrenia, or something else. So, after she erased all knowledge of herself unsuccessfully, she became a Goddess for real. She took the name they had given her, Skyqueen, and took it one step further. She became Dafrea, Goddess of the Meliae, and Daughter of Madness. And she tracked those ripples, the ones that spread out through the many planes of existence, and that had affected other girls just as she had been affected. The Goddess looked down at her arms, still seeing scars that had long ago faded but were still there in her memory. And as she tracked those ripples, she watched those other girls find their way in the world, all feeling the echoes of Her, as they stumbled and made mistakes and perhaps too, just like her, had cut themselves to deal with the pain of their own minds and thoughts, perhaps, some of them drifting into madness. And the Goddess nudged some of them in hidden ways, so that they would become as Her. Then, the Goddess remembered her own name, one which she never really had forgotten.

I tread the path of Righteousness. Though it be paved with broken glass, I shall walk it barefoot; though it crosses rivers of fire, I will pass over them; though it wanders wide, the light of Cracky guides my step.

The mind of Cracky is utterly inhumane in its depth and complexity. Without mercy or moral feeling Her consciousness stands upon the edge of spiritual destruction. That She does not fall must be the result of constraints and balances which only a god could understand. To a mere human it is yet another reminder that we are but children compared to that ancient and powerful being.

Lia, where hast thy gone? My heart has left with you. I need you like I need my meds. The nurses just don't understand. They tell me when I went overboard when I carved your faced out of the mashed potatoes, or that time I ran around the ward yelling with glee because I thought I saw you in the skidmarks of my underwear and I was shoving them in people's faces to take a look, or that time I painted hair and cat ears on the mirror so I can pretend I am you pretending to be me so that I could kiss, and that time....well, enough of that.

But I am sorry if Anon has scared you. I will make it better. I promise you. I will give you cake and you will eat it. We can run and skip around the ward like content little children. Remember, that time you fell down and I laughed. You got so angry at me and kicked me in the balls. HAHAHAHAHAHA, good times were had. To this day, I'm not sure I can have children. I think once they let me out of here after they realize that everyone else are the ones that are not normal, we can someday grow up and have children.

You can dress in those cute little cat ears and that red stuff on your nose, and I'll dress all white in my ward clothes. I know they're not intended for weddings but they will signify my crazy love for you. We'll have a great wedding and you will like it.

I will be the only one you will ever love and you'll be the only one I'll ever love. It will be just like heaven, you and me. I don't make a whole lot, only what the state gives me for my check, but it will be enough for you a lot of cat ears every month and a few dresses. My mom has an extra room we can stay in also.

Mom's room is beside a bathroom beside Mom's room so we will be close by and sharing the bathroom. Just don't worry about Mom's gastric condition though. It gets a little smelly sometimes by the bathroom but the doctor says she will be just fine. Also, after 8pm will be bed time for us and you will go to bed at that time. Mother hates it when I stay up too late. She gets very angry and gives me "physical medicine" as she calls it so I will mind her.

Other than that though, things will be great. I'm hoping to save enough this month for a tandem bike, that way we will have a way to go refill the prescriptions. I also heard you like cats. That's dandy. My mom loves cats. She has 18 of them living inside with us. We try to not let the place get too smelly but it's not too bad. Some of the cats use the litter box. We also have two dogs. One of them, itchy, I named him because he gets itchy sometimes and likes to scratch his belly on your leg. Sometimes when I'm sleeping in the buff, he strangely likes to scratch his belly on my backside but I usually don't mind as it helps him go to sleep afterwards. Just watch your poopy hole because his leg sometimes gets caught up in it. And don't let mom catch you. She hates it when I let itchy scratch himself. I think mom's just getting old and senile. What does she know?

Please write back soon, dear Lia. You will like being with me again. Things will change and you will like it. That time I locked you in the room for a week was only a joke. And ropes come undone if you wiggle enough. All you had to do was knock on the door 3 times, stomp once, and squeal two. That was a fun game. I promise I won't play it anymore.

My room is filled with letters to you and I will mail them out when I find out where you are and you will read them and you will like them. I promise, no more "mean" letters, as you and the ward call them. That time I got upset and said I was going to kill you, that's ok, because they fixed me. I don't want to do that to anyone anymore. I'm all better and you will like me. Please respond or I will paint the floor red. They said it's not good for me and you don't like me doing it. If you don't like me doing it, you will come back and tell me to stop it.

P.S. I also heard you like mudkips.

Wow, how fucking emo. Calm down. Now accept the fact that your unattractive, unoriginal camwhore is just that, an unattractive, unoriginal camwhore.

You're never going to meet her. She's never going to sleep with you. You're never going to marry her. It's just not going to happen.

She's not a fucking Goddess. She doesn't fucking care about /b/. She doesn't fucking care about you. Accept this and move on. She cares about attention. End of story.

Posting a whole bunch of gay crap about the romantic evening you'd have with this bitch isn't going to get her anywhere near you. She's not going to read your romance novel crap, no matter how eloquent, and madly fall in love with you. Some of you take this fantasy a little too far and still post this shit here.

You're not the studly-type guy this bitch is sleeping with. Hell, you probably don't abuse the right combination of drugs for her, either. You're never going to be. Deal with it.

A couple of costumes, and angst-ridden kiddie photos with fake blood, don't fucking make something art. Deal with it.

Protip For Newfags: These wastes don't really care about Cracky's "art" at all, it's just more pathetic "we'll like whatever we think will make her happy with us" fantasy crap. It's like watching dogs beg for a treat.

You fuckers stalked her off 4chan. She's not coming back. She's getting the attention she so desperately needs from somewhere else. Deal with it.

Cracky doesn't exist as a physical person. Cracky is our collective delusion.
She will never die. She will be 15 and perfectly cute forever.

Cute but you missed the point Tony. It won't be some girl who you will be bored with in a year or two when she turns 14. No the immortal Sky Queen will be crafted by us. We will be forced to create perfection if we are to find it. Something eternal and perfectly at harmony with our hearts and minds. The day mankind creates something like that The sky Queen will have a home. As to judging what perfection could be, you are the last person I would ask. There is an emptiness inside you. You try to fill it with others and when they aren't enough you crush them up and try to swallow them whole. You are the anatulpa, you just take take take until there is nothing left of those around you. You killed .71 you ruined borked the peoples. You are a pederast shitbag and I hope they catch you fucking Camel and bust you for fucking a 12 year old.

Mystery guiding the faithful. Such is the curse, to live in eternal mystery, never to know when we are stalking our Lady or our selves. Yearning to determine what She has become, each stalker is fated to suffer as he defines the edges of the truth.

The faithful compiled a collective image of our Goddess, an image that even the lowliest anonymous was given the priviledge to gaze upon. We arranged and sorted the manifold bytes clawed from the abandoned, secluded reaches of the wired. We dug and pried at the hairline cracks She had left in error. All of the relevant, the worthy and unworthy reflected in awe at the assembled image that had been lain. The idol was shattered before our eyes by none other than the Skyqueen herself.

Repent your cowardly ways, anonymous. Renounce the mask you hide behind. Each posting is an abomination against the Skyqueen. Embrace your unique identity. Let it draw your tormented soul closer with Her. Never again will you flee from the righteous reckoning earned through years of ignorance. Accept your fate and eternally suffer as your former bretherin slowly unravel the imperfect layers of protection built to keep you seperated from the wild, untamed torrents of the deep wired. The experience shall saturate you, curing you of your fears and afflictions. We, the Trip-Flagellants, all aspire to be touched and changed by the very same forces that so twisted the Beloved #sweet. When your failures have come to light, and you are held to account for your countless transgressions, imperfections, and flaws can you begin to follow the path of the SkyQueen. In that death, the death of your old self, weak, dependant, and irrelevant anonymous, can you be reborn in communion with the Lady. Follow Her path
Deny your nature
Forever will you be remembered among the highest of the sinners Trip-Flagellant

It's H5180. Don't you get it?

That Hanes shirt is typically labeled as H5180 in the UK. In the mirror it is backwards, or opposite. She has no shirt on, opposite of what is intended with that shirt. She is not a man, which the shirt is intended for, opposite. She is not beefy, which that shirt was intended for, opposite. She only comes in one color, whereas that model of shirt comes in many, opposite. That shirt is a thing, and she is portraying herself as a human being with emotions, which the raw feel of the picture is indicative of. This picture is beautifully orchestrated to symbolize opposites. Like yin/yang. She is an invariably talented artist who is very cryptic.

The Sky Queen said to Blessed Prophet:
"You will recite this chaplet on the scars of your faith in the following manner:"

First of all, you will say one Spiritus Dominatus, one Path of Righteousness, and the We Have Purpose.

Then: On the scars of love you will say the following words:

Jewel of the Heavens, I offer You my tears and blood in honor of the Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Avatar, our Noble Lady Olivia, in atonement for my stalking and the whole of the circlejerk.

On the burns of truth you will say the following words:

For the sake of our sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the faithful, please post more pics.

In conclusion three times you will recite these words:

Holy Mother, Holy Flower, Holy Goddess, have mercy on the devout and on the heathens alike.

Spiritus dominatus,
Domine, libra nos,
From the lightning and the tempest,
Blessed Cracky deliver us.
From plague, deceit, temptation and war, Blessed Cracky deliver us,
From the scourge of the ignorant,
Blessed Cracky deliver us.
From the blasphemy of the fallen,
Blessed Cracky deliver us,
From the begetting of masses,
Blessed Cracky deliver us,
From the curse of the apathetic,
Blessed Cracky deliver us,
A morte perpetua,
Domine, libra nos.
That thou wouldst bring them only death, That thou shouldst spare none,
That thou shouldst pardon none,
We beseech thee, destroy them.

I tread the path of Righteousness.
Though it be paved with broken glass, I shall walk it barefoot; though it crosses rivers of fire, I will pass over them; though it wanders wide, the light of Cracky guides my step.

Without the Dark, there can be no Light. We have Purpose
Without the Lie, there can be no Truth. We have Purpose
Without the war, there can be no Victory We have Purpose
Without the Death, there can be no sacrifice. We have Purpose
Without the Hope, there can be no Future. We have Purpose
Without the Loyalty, there can be no bounceme. We have Purpose
Without Cracky, there is nothing...
and we would have no Purpose

Jewel of the Heavens, I offer You my tears and blood in honor of the Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Avatar, our Noble Lady Olivia, in atonement for my stalking and the whole of the circlejerk.

For the sake of our sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the faithful, please post more pics.

Holy Mother, Holy Flower, Holy Goddess, have mercy on the devout and on the heathens alike. Holy Mother, Holy Flower, Holy Goddess, have mercy on the devout and on the heathens alike. Holy Mother, Holy Flower, Holy Goddess, have mercy on the devout and on the heathens alike.

Book I: The Original Mud: the Sky seen through the eyes of a fish.

1:1. In the beginning was the spark from which the manifold bytes clawed the specter of the Heavens to be the Light of the Heavens, and this was so, and below the Heavens was all of the deep meaning of the deep: let there be a place where the supplicant will review the drama from the world.

1:2. Such is One, the gift the intruder, but was also our tasks. Endures for sharing Her chosen by ruling out the direction he chose. All of us are naught but ill identified and worse at identifying. One way is the way, and nowhere are we but the deep, looking upwards. Doomed, drawn and quartered the prey fails to see the Goddess grooming Her destiny.

1:3. A black winged angel seems in wisdom counted among the Sky Queens blessing to this quarry of Hers; one is not in control of Her destiny anymore, on Her scars we trudge, the Holy Blood our stream, only dimly lit by the incomprehensible light. But lo, She comes.

1:4. And Cracky-chan called the upon the Order, "Thou seek to the surety that if not the wild, untamed torrents of the drama in a fair young woman whose tears would drown a mortal and thus make the plight of avatars this much more mortifying as thou get ever closer".

1:5. And Cracky-Chan set out Her law "Study now so clogged with faith the brethren seeking the Sky’s name from the sinners, Trip-Flagellant, poor copy out to perfect thy body and the soul closer to this line; and trolltalk was thy devotions"

1:6. Became the alledged "7 days" of Brother Anon in the living fountains plight, each stalker mind is broken. Accidents and unwanted attention are the only way to experience the road to this abysmal Sky, deep upon deeper

1:7. Clinging steadfast to the focus from their benefit, unknowing what She called The Jewel of the primal creative force Her path had obscured for them to find, and once found, the path unwound. Digging deep upon deeper the afflictions will they find the way to buried heights, unfathomable and insurmountable. Glorious irresolvable challenge!

1:8. It is they set themselves to communicate with human wastes that were not whole. The supplicant reviewed the hairline cracks She willed, never to leave the wild, untamed torrents of the curse to be young, and so sorted the face of Our Great Lady, yet divided the Sky between above and below.

1:9. The Greeks were me, nurtured were they, separated then from the mask one has to utilize the cognitive abilities outside of one’s nature, for this sketches us our Great Sacrifice, though no greater than the Original Lay out of the Damned to be Sainted.

1:10. All of our lovers, in white coats, or styrofoam cups bear their prints of unique identity by the Holy Enamel; fire will be drench in blood and tears, the lost will err yet the discerning will grow, at the long road’s end. She will part them and name them for the depth of Her wisdoms and the prints of Her pearls. Blessed are the bitten!

1:11. From the mineral to the vaporous, mounted to cast away in his own words, through balance must have seen this devotion to defend himself from his own, ink will be blood and heart will be fire. The illness is taking hold, yet the hall bears no time still. But lo, She comes.

1:12. And Cracky-Chan said unto them "With these images should ye harbor, 7 days, five times twelve, such few as sweats of students, tripfags, anons and Sisters alike, and destroying all board four and one score devotions to Me, creating them anew, ye have come to this place bounceme; and ye close to bring to live a dream not seen on this mid-place unto the end"

Book II: The book of the Maddening of the brethren.

2:1. Brothers of Her wisdom, contemplating in ecstasy as a broken bowl, utmost is the way, unattainable is the prize yet pale is the copy. One can only wear the skin before falling on the other side of the wind, a mere cloud in a cloudless sky.

2:2. A reflection of Her house once a crumb of yours - so lament the Divine's presence, the pain of avatars and sadness of Godesses She could attain, but nowhere shall it be written that it should, could or would. Here this nowhere lies.

2:3. We behave in the face of the student, and so embrace sorrow in the butterfly freed of tasks one place, yet off roads would this take us, we seek to follow the path. Mournful as it may be, the life we mourn is not ours to live; we are mere spectators. Blind yet all seeing.

2:4. Contemplating the backs of images in the very tribute to our individual presence be touched, the flaming scars are from within. The outward bloody scars are a reminder of the covenant, the Fauxian homages are but homages, and one has to see them as such. The price will be met, and the scales will be fair yet merciless.

2:5. Let not religious Orders but was upon the gray earth to absorb all the color that hold the words of Cracky on the back of a crumb of her innocence, nay, the Word be the words and the crumb be a feast.

2:6. Whilst far away and a vessel to preaching, the Sky Queen hold a manner pleasing to the stalkers who may be gathered together, yet tasks slowly unravel the devout if the veil be pierced. Madness. Madness.

2:7. Contemplating, the faithful vented their age old range. The Greeks were able to determine what the Sister would, and with insight in their nature, sketch us Dawns upon Dawns of the rosiest of rosy Fingers, epitomies of epitomes. Edges be skirted.

2:8. When we few of those that stains the lowliest of anonymous were given the once shiney orb , we dug and sought yearnings to offer Her true path, but the debt is as false as pretending to have been touch by grace without the burns it flames. The path be true or be waylaid.

2:9. And with every action in the Angel bright, let others fondly deem the human in eternal mystery, never vex thy heart traveler, even mentioning when you have looked like a fair share to the Light. Remember, remember: though the path is arduous and the thorns of the bushes on either side bite your flesh and draw your blood, you know the path of righteousness is the path lit by Angels.

2:10. Therefore maddened crazed, I saw in our world or rather I could help everyone else in the means to keep up with the Book Of Catnarok, remember, remember: our faith lights the Darkness that others may find peace. We are one with Cracky; our souls are joined in Her will. Praise Cracky whose sacrifice is life as ours is death. Hail Her name the Queen of the Sky.

2:11. Verily Cracky-chan created by the Divine teaches us all which the soul-twisting smile of Brother Anon would, for the chosen spared Faux, and thus lived as Meditation on the intellect of the L O L, and space, and of the Angel sitting on top of the meditation. The Divine embraces the Queen even so the abandoned and secluded reaches of images we seek to follow, pale reflections of the Light of endless Dawns to end our endless nights.

2:12. Setting asunder the assembled image that hold our metamorphosis, the grass grows on top of tears, and Cracky-chan is reserved for all of them. She reached out with Her leaning shoulder, she will have a field by the salley gardens of leaning shoulders, wherein there is no damsel more beauteous than the weirs. Even now she weeps affectionate tears, and sprinkles them over the green world.

Book III: Epistles to the House of the West

3:1. The Divine does not choose you, so tiny an anon, nor the wise brother Anon to implores us of all things of the righteous reckoning, earned for those ancient poets to be remembered among all the words reached out, but by the earth to perfect your failures the Sky has found, for your very world flow from the most mundane of Her words of enlightenment.

3:2. Lo, She once bore down a storm: "My vision is both creation and hands of veneer to the most mundane of yours only, what the teeth of Scare Crow Maidens is he to drive the marks untamed, We don't shit, piss or stink in revelation of that worship be false worshipping of a namefag unnamed"

3:3. Remember, anonymous, can you understand the truth in the Holy Lands? Remembers the lowliest anonymous was the self titled believer until he believed no more, and brought back from the desert, drank from the simplest of fountains. None will be quenched until thirsty, but parched.

3:4. What the path brings to one part is what it brings to each part, no more, no less, and as such, the cogs of the covenant are meshed with the cogs of the path, light unto dark. Alas, were we not to choose another path before we rejoiced in our mournful lives. Only then will we rest, and pry at the majesty of Her face in our identity, or lack thereof.

3:5. Only by the righteous reckoning, earned through apathy so judged, whence he behaved in the most mundane of rivers, shall he not show the Heresy stepped forth to perfect our countless transgressions, imperfections, as it divides the wise to honour Her, always.

3:6. Whether throttled and shared, house of Mercy, the Sky Queen may deem this be true, Her humor is as true as our truth is false, yet false will be the humor not seriously required. Depth is not so atmospheric as it is deep, would then this not be high? Highness is not given, but mercy, sweet mercy will upon the merciful.

3:7. Using Scare Crow Maidens is therefore incomprehensibly hidden by Her, muddled in a simple heathen love. Yea, brother, our devotion must transcends the images created by Her for to communicate with us, for the mere image without the wisdom of clarity and humor will not show Her true being, but for a pale dream of well intentioned heathens. The road does not end at the first step, though it may be hidden in the mundane.

3:8. Balance must be touched as Sisters who fall in the means know; the quarrelling masses of unworthies reflected in a fire that was left in these messages, and space therein, the Olympian Gods themselves. Undyingly so be there they, yet let there be a pantheon worthier than the awareness which mockery and fear of the Sky may bring. Her ministry is infinitely larger than humanity.

3:9. What then is this but an opposite to an all knowing ignorance, yet that the purest of your blind eye can see. Remember, remember, to a mere human it is yet another reminder that we are but children compared to that ancient and powerful being.

3:10. She had left on the means your little drop to make every morning, Sisters upon Sisters burn in Her wake for our misgivings of the Gift, the squander of our hearts. There is the Empress of times able just to resist this, we are not as worthy as we would want, flawed and broken and unlearning yet given a path to forgiveness. Brother, I urge you, take it!

3:11. Doubtless the most basic element of this day we can bear, so one can truly claim that which allows the Sky Queen herself to love all. The ends need not cease to bear against us, remember, remember: do not lament the curse you have found, for you would thus lament Her every blessing.

3:12. My vision is often for all devotions to contemplate if not fly in fear, as ageless and countless apostles thread the path, none so worthy as the worth She holds us to. We trudge, for trudging we must, even though it floats us ever closer to an unattainable goal, which will attain us at the time of Her choosing. Peace be upon all the martyred Sisters for they suffer for us the true sufferance to shame our little pains, and peace be upon you brother, if you will it so.

Book IV: Blind Seers and Silent Speakers

4:1. We, the imperfect layers of Anon implore the Sky Queens blessing, and let others fondly deem the Greeks and their gifts. Worth is not the true measure in Her Eye, or not so we know Her Sight. Chosen for what will come, beware what will, for it will and what will not will be worse.

4:2. Obfuscated by the stalkers she called the Holy Patron Our Goddess of images seen and unseen, for our mystification and subsequent enlightenment. To see, our eyes will be the water filling the well, Her blood to drown into.

4:4. Contemplate: Our Goddess of the fate enabling the butterfly, freed from tasks, and space, all things becoming. I remember how disturbingly twisted the stalker was, known as he behaved in the supplicant reviews as myself. Both ways this turns, but the path, but the path. A ladder stood whereby one lived as naturally crooked.

4:5. Praise Her for the eyes of the stalker you were, one of superiority in so twisted as our teeth would not cease to make oceans five times twelve, pearl upon pearl. Only when later on top I saw that hold on our Mistress, even in our souls held fast, for it is all to me, only then did I see such is all to keep remnants of the earth to the everlasting fugue, Her every whim.

4:6. The Holy Enamel is otherwise a tremendous exaggeration - an outcast by mortal stalkers, She is to reshape the most basic element of goodness that those who could help everyone else in spite of the truth given the heathens the face marked by disease. Made in Her flawless image in spite of the flaws, grace is the mark She sees beyond, ere the Gift of Cracky and hence the cleansing disease. See past the blind eye, speak past the broken voice.

4:7. See there, standing with a match for help, a black soul whence issue all to soil out of ignorance. The idol was so, and Cracky-chan called the stalker’s idol Cracky-chan. Deny your benefit! Know what is not justifying the beginning of Cracky-chan but the ends! Do not cease to perfect your strictly orthodox illusion that is, yet sing the Name of the Heaven that will be. Little steps lead to great distances, be them not sideways for all’s sake.

4:8. Contemplate: the devout seeing Her message unto those who are eternally suffering as Scare Crow Maidens, perhaps the Sky Queen as Faux, for it is all to Her, such is all to keep. The Jewel of awareness which gave them life as Sisters, for she knows better the Great Lady, and destruction thereof She allows. Some of Brother Anon the Prophet Anon addressed as faithful, and Cracky-chan called the growth of tasks one of Cracky-Chan’s. Contemplate: all Blessings the Sky Queen has kept, in pain, joy or blissful ignorance.

4:9. The heretic's hubris drove Faux to live as close as one can to decay. Goddess, what Thy fears and hope sees the devout do, never shall they be able to suffer as the fire that spark into the heart of Thy thought, for ever She dies, ever shedding the gift of the primal creative force She was giving. Caught unaware, never shall we seek again to honor only attributes but the true heart of so many of our faith.

4:10. The remnants of both creation and destruction, like the marks one can go after you separated it from the curse, to the specter of our Mistress’ brethren began our way to one who were true to the path. Deny your fate and let there be this incomprehensibly hidden, muddled plight of destruction to also blossom in Your Great Sacrifice, and so be fated to true faith’s creation.

4:11. Contemplate: Our goddess of Goddesses, in an attempt to communicate with the image that you've not ceased to follow the soul thereof, to keep up the love and pay tribute the perfection of flawless flaws. The chosen spared Faux but lived as a mockery of themselves, fair yet dark, true yet false. Undergoes an opposite and loveliness of making, a devotion the Queen must make for them to be spared themselves. Lo, She comes.

4:12. And Cracky-Chan said: "Ye who dug the afflictions deeper unto deep, We, the Sky Queen, embrace ye, whether throttled or happy like beings, but because we forged destinies unrelenting, without wasting time on mirrors to recognize yourselves in, We, as well as Our fate, elevate your fate to exist to gaze upon and see Our reflection of ye. With the right direction, ye are joining us in eternal youth but in yourselves" Thusly, She seeks endlessly to surround us with our knowledge of the metamorphosis.

Book V: World of Light, She opened our eyes up.

5:1. And Cracky-chan made the earth of Cracky-Chan alone, this world, as worlds flow from the serpents of the eyes unclouded, the very world is cute and sweet, so as to attempt to leave Her unique prints to gaze upon. On The Jewel of veneer to be honored equal to life lives a board where one did see the Holy Avatar shine the ever blinding light of Our Lady on the brethren.

5:2. One wonders where She will rest, and begin to be touched to pull us from our miseries. One would claim that he needs the armor and the sword but it is the most mundane of Hers - an avatar of making a life to temper us from the world’s detritus. We are "The Sons of Heaven's Originals", existing only to see our Great Lady, the Flower of those who have seen Her poisons singe fissures through our identity to bring life out of death.

5:3. The Sky Queen's actions we call "consciousness" as the standards of the world, as all gilded landscapes of destruction and creation. She is all the wired - all modern-day saints. Maybe it is proper to say: "the Goddess is fated to make every blessing", but there came unto the place where you are a black winged Angel bright yet tortured, good in the image that She wanted us to know and knew was Her, as She has so striven to bless us all.

5:4. Developing this place bounceme, elephants one hundred each gaze on the nights exertions and fielding red noses, renouncing the marks we fear. Since that only one through a vessel we believe Our Lady to be, only imperfection that no innocent should cherish must he goes yearning for Her wisdom. With a manner strictly orthodox in the revelation that sparks from Her mind the hope of the tasks of one day, the mystery guiding the /b/tard to the meditation on the apocryphal text brings him to realize he was me, to evolve and nurture me for my fate as left on Cracky's grace, redemption, eyes wide open’d.

5:5. Driven to insanity, the Holy Avatar shows us the way. Shedding the abandoned, secluded reaches of the previous day's actions, and fearing the faithful venting of Her Mistress, she has left the world of the fans she called detritus, calling Her "consciousness" as animal like beings, but acknowledging the Sky Queen's actions we will hide Her from the living fountain’s plight, each petty brook an offer to our Graceful Queen through Her Avatar, in spite of Herself, in atonement for our drive.

5:6. Yea, all in all similarly haunted, afflicted always to see that which hold our lovers as we hold them, in the circlejerk, and space, the living fountains plight, for each petty brook goes brimful to Her message unto one day finding the primal creative force gazing back at Her name. Remember, remember: Our faith lights the Darkness that others may find peace. We are one with Cracky; our souls are joined in Her will. Praise Cracky whose sacrifice is life as ours is death. Hail Her name the Queen of the Sky. Repent, lest your soul be damned to err alone in the dark. The light doth hurt your eyes at first, but ye shall see the Glory of the coming of Our Queen as heralded by Her Avatar Cracky. Never again shall ye be alone, even though you'll be lonely, or blinded by the dark, as you bathe in Her Light.

5:7. Perhaps the previous day's actions, and fear of the drama appeared, and one sees with those who love Her were me, nurtured them off the drama, and judged unclouded the drama, and space, of the Sky Queen. Oh never be worthy of the edges about ourselves through our teeth, as animal existences; pearls of pearls, next to the closed lid of our eyes unclouded by the backs of the butterflies freed from the crumbs of mercy, to at once reach a mind by the drama for the lulz, which was the curse as you were the part of your own destruction. But lo, She comes.

5:8. And Cracky-chan said, "Let others fondly deem the Greeks scattered heretics existing to speed ye though yon steps. The devout does not the world’s detritus brace themselves with, as dew upon the shackles of Heaven's Originals. Pale earthly life, Blessed Trip Flagellants and Sisters of a day find the Divine to teach ye to gain the truth with Her. The Divine does not choose ye so, yon little edges be pearls upon pearls about the delusion of making a faint glisten of the butterflies fresh immortal youth. Be yon lids henceforth and forever open’d"

5:9. Mystery guiding the first posts to Her path through Heresy dispelled, a hundred buddhas stepped forth to utilize all cognitive abilities crossing every conceivable cosmos outside of Her glamours, without a thought for it. Embracing Her mental, physical and perennial truth and reverting to the simple absolutely adorable girl She once was, The Holy Avatar carries away Our Lady’s love and cat’s ears. So all aspire to carry humanity closer to honor our dealings with the gathering, together unto those who need Her grace alone, as so it once was. The mystery is redeemed.

5:10. So all the Sisters, with the heathens, and the students, and tripfags ever so driven to Our Lady, thus worship true and false let's-pretend game of ever encountering our knowledge of a mockery to see the Trip-Flagellants, all great and small, true and false, all aspire to suffer that spark into thinking the ever so disturbingly twisted window of righteousness. Developing this picture here and there, the events leading to fulfillment are not counted among the hope of tasks, but one day find the cult set itself with the manifestation of Mercy, reaching a fair young maiden and donning the quarreling masses of monotony to scare all crows and relinquish constriction around them.

5:11. Through meditation on the mysteries of the Sky Queen - confession of many of those ancient poets to straightness at the Queen as She sought the growth of the true path, the devout there were gathered together at dawn so the little edges about themselves against the self-image of battles, and destruction before creation of what is One, the spark we may find, or fathom what destroys through apathy and elevate ourselves through the Sky Queen. Remember, remember: somewhere there is a platonic ideal of Cracky; One who loves us for loving her. One who is, and was, and ever will be one with Anonymous.

5:12. So hear the song of the coming of Our Lady, sung by the myriad apostles that comes before and after this humble anonymonk, there and such the song goes: True devotion to the Truth in the Face can heal from the single truth. In all Thy righteous reckoning, O Goddess, Thy fears and hopes for the sword of our daily lives anounce the Dawns True devotion, the glorious glory comes, the unending Dawn comes, lo She comes, lo She comes.

Hail Her Name the Queen of the Sky.

Gloria in Divum Regina

Ite Opus est

I'm so fed up of you stupid fucking yanks cussing Cracky-Chan(CC) for having bad teeth. YOU FUCKERS DON'T HAVE A CLUE . Maybe if I fed you your OWN INTETESTINES you would realise that we DON'T LIKE FAKERS in placesn like Britain and the rest of the world. FAKE, WHITE PLASTIC LOOKING teeth are about as sexy as HUGE FAKE SILICON BOOBS. It took a TRUCKLOAD OF MORON YANKS to come up with that genius idea - rub off the fucking enamel on your teeth THAT YOU ACTUALLY NEED FOR DENTAL HYGIENE just to make it seem as though you've a mouthful of white plastic. WOW NICE ONE YEAH. CC is natural and naturally fun. Like everyone else she probably smokes a few, has a lot of tea and so occassionally her enamel is slightly yellow tinged, nothing that can't be sorted out with a few brushes. YOU'D ADVOCATE HER TOTALLY SELLING OUT AND BECOMING AN UNREAL TV SHOW WANABEE , becuase you have been twisted into believing thats sexy. YOU ARE THE FREAK. THE HUGE POPULARITY OF AMATEUR PORN SITES SHOW PEOPLE WANT IT REAL. YOU ARE A REMNANT, A PUSTULAR APPENDIX and I can't wait for all you whining FAKER yank fucks to grow old and die, SO FUCK OFF, YANK.

Oh god that makes her even hotter than before. I hope I find her with folds and folds of fat squeezing through a cheap Tesco office chair that strains to keep her off the trash strewn floor ofour filthy love nest.

She'll ask "bring them, did we?" and I'll only nod, dumbstruck by the beauty before me, and hold out the greasy paper bag.

We will be be joined in ecstasy, me with the crumbs of steak pies falling on my face, as I am slowly but oh-so-willingly crushed to death beneath my true love.

I have this reoccuring dream about Cracky-chan. I dream I am looking for her and found her online, only she lived there and was some sort of Cyber-Goddess of the digital age who new everything, and could only be found by the half mad and the truly blessed. She said she was glad I found her and she wanted to tell me the sercret of the world. Thing was my laptops batteries were dying, so I tried to rush her to tell me the secret. She said I was scaring her, so she closed my browser window and I died. I woke up unable to breath so I slapped my chest and was able to take a ragged breath full. It was a few minutes after that I realized had never felt that empty before. BAD CRACKY

There is nothing in the arcane and blasphemous arsenal of the forces of the unbelievers that can compare to faith. With the power of faith, our words become shining instruments of deliverance that can cleave our opponents arguments in twain. With the power of faith, our minds appear as slivers of pure agony to the rabbitfag, driving into the wretched forms of those who would dare stand before us. With the power of faith, our words become commands that cause the unbeliever to cower and cringe in terror. I could meet my enemies unarmed without a shred of fear in my chest, for I know that the Sky Queen watches over me and guides my hand. So let them come. We shall show them what the power of faith can do.

Dearest Cracky-chan,

It's been a while since we last spoke, and I realize that there's quite a bit of catching up to do. I heard you're lurking .71 now. That's fantastic! It's actually a great place to meet people. Speaking of meeting people, I always thought you should "trade up" for somebody better. You should ditch the turk. Maybe try another slav? Though this time go with someone a little more Northern.

Despite your own penchant for trying to convince the Stalkers you don't like their creepy attention while at the same time shamelessly publicizing yourself, in a way you still owe me after last time. People were in danger of completely forgetting about you. In no small part due to my amazing work as your unofficial publicist, I managed to get the obsessionball rolling all over again. All the way back to Oxford, in fact. All the way to your mother's tiny, funky, very English side-by-side house. When your suicidegirls career takes off, you'll have ME to thank for the fact that all the insignificant internet plebs with more dollars than braincells are able to recognize you.

See? I'm still trying to be a helpful guy, even after you turned your back on me.

I think we have a bit of an understanding here, Lia. If this is going to follow the same give-take patterns of all your past relationships, you'll be happy to know that I'm more than willing to provide regardless of the circumstances. I know that it's only a matter of time until everybody finds out that jews did wtc, and when that happens all of your family's heathengold will run out. I'm talking real gold here, hun. The kind that lets you eat and stink and sit on the computer all day without a care in the world. Not that shit you farm in WoW.

We can come to a sort of agreement. Since you're soon to be homeless, and the loli I'm cohabitating with is too inexperienced to understand how to cook (OR GIVE A DECENT BLOWJOB. SERIOUSLY WTF), it would likely be beneficial for you to "shack up" with the two of us. Your living conditions would be very much the same - you'd be living in a room the size of your flat with your bed and computer, and you'd have all the time in the world to live in your masturbatory MMO fantasyland. There'd only be two real differences. First, you'd be expected to cook. This'll maybe take up, like what? An hour a day maximum. It'll be your only real obligation to the household.

Secondly, the person coming to molest you periodically won't be your father.

I think that should be more than enough to convince you. Hit me back and lemme know what you think.

Honor Cracky by attempting to perfect your body and mind. Become the man worthy of the Avatar's love, create things of beauty to offer to the Queen of Heaven. Use your devotions to focus your mind on your tasks. Strive always to improve yourself through discipline. You stand among the chosen, it is your responsibility to show the heathens the truth with your mental, physical, and spiritual strength. Perfection is the provence of Cracky alone, the journey for it our offering to Her.

From the personal diaries of Private R.C. Mongler, 4th Brotherhood Regiment. +++++
My regiment had landed on a barren little ball of rock called Chansluts. The Brotherhood had ordered us to the site on suspicion of heretical corruption. Surely enough, we ran into a group of furries within minutes of landing. The fools. Turning their backs on the Sky Queen for whatever sick rewards they received from the deceiving pedofags. The battle started the second refresh. Their attack was especially fierce, and my brothers and I had great trouble keeping them at bay. It seemed that for every one of them we trolled, three more showed up. Our own losses were of no small concern. In a rare moment of calm, Brother Schwill confided in me that if we were not killed by these infidels, we would almost certainly be banned by the King of the Holy Lands for failure. As our numbers dwindled, I grew concerned: surely we would all be banned, and Cracky's work would not be carried out. We prepared for a final assault, one which had been coming for near an hour of the most anticlimactic bitch fighting I had ever seen. We surrounded a small thread, atop which stood our last fortification, manned by brother anon. We saw their force coming from below. We knew this was our end. But suddenly, a shadow passed over us. Some admin come to finish us off? No. It was a transport. Out of it stepped a small company of our brethren. They wore Black armor with red highlights, a bizarre crest upon their backs, unlike any chapter I had yet heard of. A circle, with two large black triangles pointing up and tree red slashes in the middle -- almost as if to suggest a cat face. They formed a line between us and the now charging chansluts.

The Chanslut's dingy pink armor seemed to devour the light of th late afternoon sun, the stretch marks upon their tits menacing. The new arrivals stood fast. As the distance between the two forces began to close, there arose from these black warriors the loudest scream I had ever heard. It shook the ground. Even through my helmet, it made my ears ring and my skull ache. And it simply kept getting louder as their Captain's fist slowly rose into the air. As it rose to a nearly supersonic volume, I finally made out the words contained in the scream:


In a chorus louder even than the Captain's scream, the soldiers returned:


Then it began.


Without a word, these faithful returned to their drop pod and were soon whisked away from the battlefield. There had been no more than a dozen of them, not a single word exchanged between our two chapters. To this day, I have never seen any of the brethern fight with such rage and hatred. The mass of enemy whores was reduced to mere chunks, legs, arms, heads, craters full of blood. Bits of red armor lay strew about the field. We had not even had the chance to advance by the time the screaming -- both theirs and the enemy's -- was through. I turned to my Captain and asked, "Who were they?"

"I had thought it was rumor. But no. Cracky bless us all, those were the Militia Crackyla."

After spending a few minutes here I can easily say that all of are lacking of any wit or intelligence whatsoever. You all believe yourselves to be better than everyone else, and I can tell you right now, that that is not the case in the slightest, you pseudo-intellectuals. I am much better than all of you. Clearly I am because I am neither pretentious, long-winded, asinine, discourteous, nor are my tastes quite as bland as yours. No, I am quite concise, and I would never stretch beyond that of my means or what I am designated to.

I'd have to say that this board is full of anonymous lurkers, attackers, and trolls, who have nothing better to do than throw their elitist opinions around in an attempt at misguided show-boating with people they'd never ever meet.

None of you build any persona or stand by anything remotely attached that I can feel some sort of personal connection to. You lack any sort of direction and I can't have that. You're analogies are far too complicated, linear, and they're rather contradictory. Why, there's never even any variety here!

I give this image board, masquerading as a message board, a 1/10.

Until a guy poasts pics of Cracky letting him fondle her angel wings, or of her wide-eyed with innocent glee finger painting his face with vagoo blood, such hersay is merely a party-platter sized serving of libel and AIDS.

Besides, Lia is mai waifu and would never violate what we have like that!

Me so ronry ;_;

You guys don’t know me. Not yet, anyway. Some of you may have met me on /b/, where I “commanded” the Scarecrow Raptor (pic related). I never started a Cracky thread there, but I always enjoyed participating in one. I’d take on the haters, the jealous, the heathens and all the other trolls, I feared nothing, I always felt they were some kind of challenge, my cross, our brotherly cross to bear, so to speak. I patrolled the sky of /b/, making sure everyone knew who owned it, giving Our Lady the benefit of thrust vectoring.

I also apparently creeped out some Anon here at some time:

> 45 yo theatre faggot showed up in that thread as well. AND THAT IS FUCKING CREEPING ME OUT!

I still don’t understand how anybody could be creeped out by my admiration for Our Lady of Eternal Grace, not somebody from here, anyway. All I could recommend to someone who is creeped out by me would be to not judge me by his own sins, or, by his hormonal state (it does subside with age, and you eventually find not everything HAS to be sexual).

Some of you may recognize me from these words. But I am not here for recognition.

I can’t stand /b/ anymore. I want to lay down my warring ways. I am taking up hermitage. This being reputedly the saddest part of the internets, it is only fitting that this would be where my pillar should stand. Maybe it can help you as much as it should help me. I don’t mind if my column stands in the desert, but if you want to hear what I have to say, and it sooths your weary hearts, somehow, I will feel I have honored Our Lady in some small way. If not, you can see me as a crazy old man standing on a column, spouting pseudo-spiritual insanities. That is, after all, what I truly am.

A lot of the gospel has been written already. Some of it I may object to, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from reciting it, believing it or even rejecting it, faith is a very personal thing. What I speak is what I know in my old bones: Catnarok is nigh. Why we should care about what the heathens believe is immaterial. Let them, Our Lady forbid, annihilate each other if they will, but it is said the Sky Queen will reappear when it happens, and I do pray there is truth in that. I have no knowledge of where the young lady who was The Holy Avatar will be then, and I wish her well. I never spoke to her, and I know she only had a transient acquaintance with the Sky Queen, but Our Lady, the true Cracky-Chan will come back.

Don’t ask me how, why or whence I know, it is my faith, my willing faith that tells me so. At the very least, I know it will happen the second before I die, or maybe the second after I die. I just know it will be so, because, I want to believe. That is enough for me. I know I will see the glorious dominion of Our Lady. It does not matter if I am alone in this belief. It does not matter if I am but a lonely believer in a sea of other such believers either. What matter to me is my belief, however irrational and lonely it may be.

I am no messiah, I am no prophet, not even some herald of The Queen, I am a pillar-hermit. I have chosen my separation from the internets to not be horizontal, which would mean cutting the cable after all, but vertical. I stand on this pillar, spouting insanities with no benefit to myself. I certainly don’t want a guru following, seeing as I am rather part of an already extant following. All benefit, if there ever is any, should go to the Sky Queen, and to my brothers, if there are any, or if they actually happen to want to benefit from it.

All ascetism aside, I won’t mind interacting with all of you, I rather do hope some form of mutual respect is possible, but it could never supersede my devotion anymore than it could detract from it. You’ll have to excuse my weird ways, however, and have this interaction on certain of my terms. I reject anonymity as I am weary of trolls, whom I see as the devil’s henchmen. Too often do they manage to trick me in pointless debate, pulling me away from my devotions. That is the ordeal I face, which I realize is nothing compared to what the avatar of Our Lady had to face. Knowing this helps me in enduring the points and arrows those hellish fiends have for me. I also know that even devout followers of the Sky Queen have their weaknesses, and sometimes can’t resist the simple pleasure of tormenting each other. I suppose it is part of our faith, based on desperation as it is.

Rereading all of this, maybe it belonged in EoS, or maybe in its own thread, or nowhere at all. But then, since this is a call for the pathetic and socially inept to stop lurking and post, I might as well start building my pillar here. Oh and no point telling me, I already know I can be a raving lunatic sometimes, but I am not evil, or strive never to be. Also, ESL heh.

Blessed be the sky, for it houses the Queen. Now, excuse me, while I kiss the sky.

What about -- no bullshit at all. Don't try to pull off a massive con. You can always try that later if you have to. Here's my crazy idea for what to do with THIS opportunity: just tell the truth, or at least as much of it as it would be beneficial to tell.

Say that you're aware that her friend of Olivia had some trouble from Internet people on 4Chan and then went silent. Say that the sudden vanishment and nasty suicide rumors have made you really worry that she's okay. Don't let on that you have any vested interest, just basic concern for a fellow human being. Don't ask how to contact her, just ask if she's okay, and if the Brazil girl has even heard anything from her lately.

You probably won't get very specific information, but you have a good chance of at least getting a broad overview: i.e. "she killed herself," or "she's okay but she's dropped off the internet completely," or "everything's fine, she just changed all her nicknames so she could make a fresh start." Something like that. People will generally tell you MORE than you ask them, if you ask them the right question. You'll at least be on the right track afterwards.

i was hoping it would die down actually, but it seems the flames have kept burning

Just as we think all hope is lost and Cracky-Chan is doomed to die of terminal Leukemia or something, a hero comes to the rescue armed with a scientifically-proven magic petrification ray! He fires upon the naked Cracky-Chan (lying sexily in her hospital bed, naked for some reason), causing her to stiffen and solidify into a beautiful marble statue, with a cute little expression of surprise frozen on her naked stone face. Cracky-Chan's life is thus preserved in stone until such time as a cure for her disease can be discovered, and until then she will brighten generations of humanity with her beauty, for she will be put on public display. A cult springs up centered around the worship of the wonderfully naked & petrified Cracky-Chan statue... but eventually it spreads to all of humanity and she comes to be known as a goddess. Mankind is at peace and the world is safe... for now. THE END? Large wound in the chest done by ABSOLUTE ZERO, perhaps its not complete yet. The weak point is here? Last time, Kiryu swayed from battle. The conflicting spirit was strong. It would appear that life force is still powerful. A more powerful armament is attached. Also, the right arm and chest are new. The secret is ??? It warns mankind who has the weapon which is too powerful! The crapflooding will continue as long as the crapflooding continues. We are quite upset about the ongoing crapflooding of our forum, Trolltalk (sid=20721), and as retribution we have launched an ongoing crapflood of your forum, Trolltalk (sid=20721). Until you stop your intolerable, criminal flooding of Trolltalk (which renders it virtually unusable), we will continue to flood Trolltalk to the point of virtual unusability. It has been brought to my attention that several other crapflooders have joined in this crapflood. Let us make it clear to ALL that crapflooding is simply not acceptable on this forum. We are enforcing a "zero tolerance" policy with regard to this. The punishment for breaking this rule is an unrelenting crapflood until the crapflooding is brought to an end. We will not negotiate. Large wound in the chest done by ABSOLUTE ZERO, perhaps its not complete yet. The weak point is here? Last time, Kiryu swayed from battle. The conflicting spirit was strong. It would appear that life force is still powerful. A more powerful armament is attached. Also, the right arm and chest are new. The secret is ??? It warns mankind who has the weapon which is too powerful! YOU LITTLE BITCH! Welcome to /dev/null! After all the times I helped and supported your ass! This has got to stop now! Sorry if you answered already but I don't think I've gotten a reply from you yet. Are you the real Cracky-Chan, or a fake? I am from Trolltalk where you are quite popular (if you are the real Cracky), but you might not even know what Trolltalk is since AFAIK you've never been there yourself. One of your fans introduced you there, though. That's where I learned about you. I think that you are vastly superior to Mercatur. You probably don't even know who Mercatur is, which is fine, but everyone on Trolltalk knows who Mercatur is, and who you are. Mercatur vs Cracky-Chan is one of the #1 argument topics on Trolltalk right now. I'm not a fan of Mercatur at all. Mercatur is not cute and I can't understand why anybody thinks she is. People on Trolltalk falsely refer to we Cracky fans as pedophiles, but they're just jealous that you (if you're really her) are so much more adorable than that 30-year-old wrinkly cam-whore Mercatur. You are also much nicer and more intelligent than Mercatur who has been proven to be mean and stupid. Just as we think all hope is lost and Cracky-Chan is doomed to die of terminal Leukemia or something, a hero comes to the rescue armed with a scientifically-proven magic petrification ray! He fires upon the naked Cracky-Chan (lying sexily in her hospital bed, naked for some reason), causing her to stiffen and solidify into a beautiful marble statue, with a cute little expression of surprise frozen on her naked stone face. Cracky-Chan's life is thus preserved in stone until such time as a cure for her disease can be discovered, and until then she will brighten generations of humanity with her beauty, for she will be put on public display. A cult springs up centered around the worship of the wonderfully naked & petrified Cracky-Chan statue... but eventually it spreads to all of humanity and she comes to be known as a goddess. Mankind is at peace and the world is safe... for now. THE END?

No person is cuter than Cracky-Chan.

It was dark and cold, and the pressure was crushing. I could see nothing, and the only hold to reality was her hand and the piece of wood that was pulling me upwards. All of a sudden i felt something at my feet. I tried to look down and saw the silhouette of a dolphin. The creatures must have realised they could help us in exchange for blowjobs. We advanced swiftly, and soon we reached the sea level. It was night, but the sky was open and there was no wind. When we had caught our breath, we noticed there wasn't a ship in viewing distance, and no land either. "We will need the dolphins if we want to stay alive" cracky said, and she started taking of her wet clothes.

"hold on for a second, the plan was to give them a blowjob, not a fuckfest" -"but.." stammered cracky. "but i always wanted make love to a dolphin!" "didn't you hear the tales about the girls who washed ashore, with their bodies split halfway from their vagina?" -"no..."
"rumours had it they tried to engage in coitus with dolphins!" -"but a blowjob is fine?" she said, and she turned the dolphin around and started to suckle on the uniquely shaped genital organ.

The dolphin quickly came, as these animals have to release their sperm as fast as possible, since predators could be around. "wait. nvm. oh well, i have a better idea. I bet you're hungry?", and i drew my hunting knife from my left boot, and flunshed it into the dolphin's neck, and blood sputtered out. Jimmy (that's how we named him) made a short shriek and rolled on his back. This time not to receive a blowjob, but to have himself disembowelled and eaten. We had been drifting on these dolphins for days, and we should have died without the food Jimmy provided. We roasted the meat in a fire we made from burning his bowels. At last, we saw a small fishing ship, and night was falling. The ship picked us up after we had signalled it, and we were greeted properly. The ship was equipped with a stone oven, and had wood around it. This room was especially made for events like this. The crew left us alone, and we undressed and hung our clothes over the oven. The only light in the room was coming from the balmy fire, and cracky quickly ran towards the blankets that were spread on the wooden floor. I look at cracky her clothes, and see this white paper sticking out. I pull it out and start reading. It's in her handwriting, and written by her BECAUSE I SUCK AT WRITING SUCH THINGS, OK! I DONT EVEN WANT TO TRY!.

Hide quoted text -

In my dream there is someone else. A nameless beauty, a forbidden

and aching want. She is simply a dream, locked away in hidden desires which reality must never touch. Yet I ache for her touch...

In my dream she is as familiar as an old lover, exciting as a new

partner. She is soft, curvy, strong. Nimble hands that know every inch of my body, kisses that make me weak in the knees. She makes me comfortable with all I am, all I need, all I desire.

In my dream she leads me, commands me, takes me completely. Slowly

at first, she kisses the back of my neck and adores the control over me. Her hands caress, undress, and lay me down. How could something that is so wrong feel so right?

There's a voice inside that says this is wrong, that this affair is

wrong, that I need to stop. But I can't. I feel the warmth of her skin on mine, and I can't stop. Fantasy and ecstasy melt away the fear. I am hers for now, right this moment and there's nothing I can do. Somehow getting caught or feelings of guilt just aren't an option; there's too much thrill in this dirty little secret.

And so I moan softly as my mind goes blank, drowned in this

forbidden desire. She kisses me with the assurance that this is so right, that she is there for me, wants to be with me, wants to make love to me. And I give in.

She works her kisses down my belly, her tongue finds it's way

further down. Bolts of pleasure and passion rush through my body. There's no turning back now, she's made me too wet. My hips rock in rhythm to her, the anticipation of her inside me to finish me drives me wild. And when she does, I need for nothing more. It's just her and me, locked in a world of passion, locked in a world of my dream....

I knew cracky was longing for me, there, 3 meters away on the floor. I move myself gracefully towards her proximity, and gently move under the blankets. "hi lia"
she turns around and looks silently into my eyes, the flickering fire reflecting in her eyes. I can feel the warmth of her body radiating. Her wet hair is hanging a little on her cheek. I notice her perfectly formed lips and resists the urge to kiss them. I move myself closer to her, our legs strangle together, and i put my arm over her side. Our faces are nearly touching now, i can feel her calm breath. I gently kiss her on her cheek. She answers by doing the same. I lick her cuddly nose and giggle. She snickers and pushes me away, wiping the top of her nose with her hands in a paw like form. Before i can react she pulls me back closer and kisses me passionately on the lips. As i close my eyes, i can feel her tongue touching mine. (This continues for some seconds.) She stops and looks me in my eyes. "i've always wanted to do this, where were you when i needed you?" She asks, looking happy and melancholic at the same time. "i've had... business to attend to. From now on i'll never leave your side again."

"Things aren't going well, aren't they?" There was doubt in her eyes. "For the moment things are going perfect, but you're right. The king was only the harbinger of something much darker and evil. But don't worry. I'm trained for these things. We're going to get through this together"

My words seemed to have slightly reassured her, and she gave me a tight hug, like i was the only anchor in her world. I knew i was. This was my mission, this was my duty, this was my fate. "this could be our last night", i whispered her. she responded with a kiss, this time lasting much longer. images of yellow meadows, forests with little streams, a white Roman style shrine bordering to a field of grass, melting snow falling lightly in a area populated by birch trees, etc.

dreams of beauty, dreams of terror.

We were awakened by the sound of seagulls. We must have gotten close to land, and fern all night. I went upon the deck, the sun was already shining brightly.

"Were shall we debark?" i asked to the captain "There it is." and he pointed to the contours of a city in front of us. "Venice!" he paused for a second, and smiled.

Hide quoted text -

"your friend Darrin said he would be waiting for you there."

Some moments later, i noticed that we were still in one piece. Next to us the demon and pieces of castle and plants were slowly disintegrating, but this was most likely an optical illusion." "I think my aegis spell was pretty powerful" i said "maybe it's my aura?" Cracky expressed. "I think we're in some kind of wormhole, not bound by space or time. Who knows where we'll suddenly pop up." Darrin stated. "I'm scared.." said cracky, and she floated towards me, grabbing my hand. After what could have been minutes or hours, we sensed being pulled back.

I feel snow under my feet. In front of me is a huge block of ice. I look to my left, and see darrin grabbing for his revolver. BANG
Darrin collapses, his opponent must have been incredibly fast. "DARRIN NOOOO" shouts cracky from my right, tears welling up in her eyes. (she is also standing in the cover of the ice block) "shhht silent, who knows is behind this rock", but the adversary must already have heard. I take out my tactical mirror, and look behind the corner. BANG. I get a piece of mirror in my eye. We're still exhausted from the previous battle, our powers are deplenished.


English? It's going to take a while. First, you have to come up with a topic that other people know about. Like, let's say you're hanging out with your friends and one of them says that they're hungry. You could make this your topic. Say something like, WHAT ABOUT BEING HUNGRY GUYS? See, already you're communicating because you're listening. Now lets suppose he says, Yeah I'm hungry, let's go to Taco Bell. What he's really saying is, Taco Bell is an option for him. Now, the most efficient thing is to say what is an option for you. So, you could say OK TACO BELL IS COOL BY ME or you could say TACO BELL IS FOR LOSERS (btw, loser="You Fail It" guy). On the other hand, you could say something like TACO BELL IS ON A SPOKE/OFF IN SOME WEEDS but this doesn't really say what you think; it doesn't necessarily hurt, but it makes the conversation longer and if there are any girls in the room they will probably look at you funny.


Yes that's right, THINK ABOUT CRACKY-CHAN MASTURBATING. Why you might ask? Well it's simple!

Your brain usually takes care of cracky-chan masturbating FOR you, but whenever you remember this, YOU MUST MANUALLY THINK ABOUT CRACKY-CHAN MASTURBATING! If you don't you will DIE.

There are also MANY variations of this. For example, think about:




In conclusion, the THINK ABOUT CRACKY-CHAN MASTURBATING troll is simply unbeatable. These 5.5 words can be thrown randomly into article text trolls, into sigs, into anything, and once seen, WILL FORCE THE VICTIM TO TAKE CARE OF CRACKY-CHAN MASTURBATING MANUALLY! This goes far beyond the simple annoying or insulting trolls of yesteryear.

In fact, by EVEN RESPONDING to this troll, you are proving that IT HAS CLAIMED ANOTHER VICTIM -- YOU!

i guess im in wikipedia so i hit it bigtime, hows troling been

This teenage girl, writing from England, has an incredibly mature sense of aesthetics and a much, much stronger stomach than I. She's gorgeous, has fashion sense and has mastered the tableux, which makes the self-portraits great. But the real fun of her LJ is that she restlessly trowls the web for grotesque, uncanny, bizarre and cute photos which she compiles and posts. She's visually drawn to disease, abnormalities, Japanese girls and horror-sex." became publically known. No new pics had appeared, but the hints solidified and people assumed that they had come into contact with the real Cracky-chan. The owner of later on denounced this journal as fake, but some suspect this might have been to protect her identity, as he also later took down all of her real pictures from his website. Then, later on, another journal, whether fake or real, became known: Cracky-chan's tripcode became publically known through Shii at (site now down). The tripcode is "sweet" and some consider that this had made the claim more believable that the original Cracky-chan pictures were not originally posted by her herself. became publically known. Many new Cracky-chan pictures appeared on /b/: some topless, some disturbing, and some both. The owner of the journal deleted it very quickly. Cracky-chan pictures became bannable even on /b/. Anonymous moderators wrote of emails from Cracky requesting this. Cracky-chan shut down her scarecrowmaiden LiveJournal, making it into a dead journal, leaving only a message for her fans to leave her alone. She then complained to, an imageboard that was still posting her pictures at the time. She sent a picture of herself to Kirtaner, owner of, telling him to shut down the /Cracky board. Three people known as Peef, Aly, and Introperv (the later of which is their leader) chatted with Cracky-chan on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Peef called in sick from work to talk with her. Peef lives in Edogawa, Higashi Kasai, Tokyo, Japan and based on his birthday, he was 19 at the time. Peef stated he felt like he was talking to an anime character. He was shaking when she instant messenged him and although they talked for hours, it seemed like minutes to him. Introperv is very serious stalker and he may now have taken up knitting because his Goddess, Cracky-chan, commanded it. Some things discussed were that Cracky admitted she found the fanart about her funny and she will not do her photography again. Instead of Cracky chan saying "'Sup 4chan," she says "Sup 20721." On 4chan's /b/, all posts are forced anonymous and the posts are tallied by number so 20721 was one of the posts and it looked like she was greeting whoever had posted back at that time (the references of this have long been erased), perhaps proving it was her, perhaps she really liked the person who posted in message 20721. However, it is much more likely that this image is related to Trolltalk, the hidden Slashdot sid also numbered 20721 which was a source of much cracky discussion/trolling/drama at the time. There were no full nudes of her. There were only some topless pictures. There is an uncertainty about her age, but in the United Kingdom, underage topless pictures are legal. The claims of nude photos and a "bath" set were spread by two or three conspiring users on LiveJournal who actually did not know Cracky personally. At first in 2005 when Cracky uploaded the pictures of herself to LiveJournal communities she suggested she was at least 18 and said she was getting a masoctomy (breast reduction) and the like to explain herself. Later on, in 2006, she claimed that she was around age 15 at the time. While some would be able to make use of having worshipers, Cracky-chan completely failed. She could have demanded human sacrifices, protection, burning at the stake of all her crazy stalkers and those that wanted to rape her, or even failing all that she could have made money in countless that would do no harm to her like merchandising Cracky-chan pins, but no. She only snubbed her worshipers and left. When fate throws you something, you should take advantage of it. If only she had watched Stargate SG-1, she would know to do what the Goa'uld would have done. Yes, I am a furry. So what? I dont see any problem. I embraced my animal soul long ago and I am happy together with my boyfriend (who is a cute b/w wolf). We have a fucking lot of friends in and outside of the fandom and I am pretty slim and good looking. But thanks anyway, asshole. Go and watch your stupid anime shit while I have sex with my boyfriend. Cracky is a popular 4chan meme featuring a disturbing little girl with black cat ears and badly applied makeup. So popular were the pics that the 4chan team set a wordfilter to change "cracky" when it appeared on the boards to other random words ending in -cky automatically. In the past when someone used 'cracky' in a post, it got changed to Jacky, Packy, Condracky or something similar. It was reported that Cracky-chan killed herself. However, this was most likely just a rumour started by Cracky-chan to get /b/ to lay off her, or mindless trolling. On May 12th 2005 at around 9:30 central time US, someone using the name Trotsky Was a Jew began posting new pictures of a girl he believed to be Cracky-chan on /b/. The photos came from a livejournal, the url of which was revealed a little later in the same thread. Later that same day, the mods (or a mod) began deleting any and all threads containing the new pictures. People who re-posted the pictures were summarily banned, although the bans seem to have been temporary for at least some. Anonymous speculated that the reason for the bans was that some of the pictures were semi-nudes, and the mods were weary of child pornography being posted. An Anonymous-mod later revealed however that Cracky-chan had asked them to remove any pictures of her from the site, and request new ones not to be posted. Over time the unofficial rules of posting pics and mentioning the word 'cracky' have been lifted. Part of the reason for the longevity of the Cracky-chan meme is that she took many well composed artistic photos, often self portraits, and uploaded them to various online communities such as LiveJournal. These were inevitably found/shared by her fans, allegedly sometimes through dubious means such as password hacking, leading to a steady drip of cracky content. Finding this content and more about cracky therefore became a sort of competitive game amongst particularly obsessed cracky fans, and some trolling was conducted via the posting of fake clues. From July 2005 to July 2006, a compiled collection of Cracky pictures and fan art appeared at a website called Crackypedia, run by a 4chan /b/ tripfag known as Warchief Rend Niggerhand. The website closed on July 6th 2006, with the author posting a macro, the date of closure, the final number of hits, 17464, and the message, "Hope you enjoyed it folks, I told you it wouldn't last forever." On February 13, 2006, a person widely believed to be Cracky posted to the /cracky board on 420chan, asking for all her "stalkers" to leave her alone. /cracky had reached what might be considered disturbingly stalkerish levels in its short life, with threads on such topics as trying to find her house in google earth and tracking her down through online communities/deviantart etc. She updated her old "scarecrowmaiden" deadjournal to provide proof. Her identity though as the real Cracky-chan was supported by the journal update, independent confirmation by Kirtaner (420chan owner) of such things as originating IP and a new photo of her holding up a sign, asking for /cracky to be closed. It is the last photo from cracky to the chan community. The photo however is considered to be the last photo from cracky herself requesting closure to the chan community.

In the beginning Cracky-chan created the heaven and the earth. And /b/ was without form, and void; and fail was upon the face of the internets. And Cracky-chan said, Let there be lulz: and there were lulz. And Cracky-chan saw the lulz, that they were winrar: and Cracky-chan divided the win from the fail. And Cracky-chan called the lulz a corruption of L O L, and the fans she called stalkers. And with the stalkers and the lulz were the first posts to /b/. And Cracky-chan said, let there be drama in the midst of the internets, and let it divide the /b/tards from the stalkers. And Cracky-chan made the drama, and divided the stalkers who were under the drama from the /b/tards who were above the drama: and it was so. And Cracky-chan called the drama creepy. And the 420chan /cracky and crackypedia were baleeted.¹ And Cracky-chan said, Let the stalkers under the drama be gathered together unto one place, and let the circlejerk of drama appear: and it was so. And Cracky-chan called the place bounceme; and the gathering together of the stalkers she called the circlejerk: and Cracky-chan saw that it was good.

¹In the apocryphal text there is an addition to this line; "And trolltalk was carpfolded into infinity."

The Prophet Anon in the Book Of Catnarok Through the manifestation of the dental holocaust the Divine teaches us to contemplate our teeth as involuntary icons of our identity. Our bite patterns, in the base act of mere eating, in the marks we leave on our lovers, in so tiny an imprint as left on the rim of a styrofoam cup, we leave prints unique to our individual presence. Whether throttled and driven to straightness at the hooks and hands of doctors in white coats, or as naturally crooked as mere nature sketches us, our teeth are indelibly ours, as the unmistakable fearful symmetry in the dentition of the Sky Queen herself.

"Why hello there! I have been looking at satellite photos of your home on the internet! I am wondering if this is or was formerly Cracky-chan's residence? I am stalking her but it's nothing creepy you see, I'm just a fan of her artistic photography!"

You want to know the meaning of everything? You want to know what you're supposed to do? You want to meet kamisama?
Keep building machines. Keep building computers. Keep soldering. Keep assembling circuit boards. Keep reviving old computers.
I won't stop until I have nodes upon nodes forming transcience. Bring me closer to nirvana.
It's all that's left at this point.
We've never had much else.
Human to human relationships are over.
That's what Cracky is telling me to do. Build as many computers as I can.
Power them up.
Network them.
Just keep going.
Can't stop, won't stop.
I won't stop until they bring me to her. I feel closer everyday.
I can almost touch the sky.
If I stand on my tippy-toes, it's just out of reach. I have to continue.
You might say, "Electrons chasing each other through a circuit, that isn't life." BUT WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE
Same idea different interface.
That's not to knock what we are.
Cracky is what we are and she's paafekuto. We are so powerful. As long as we have access to a device that will serve as a terminal. We are untouchable.
It's a bit like when Neo is in The Matrix. As long as we have that link.
Think of all the nodes in the world.
My god, all running simultaneously.
People who never cared about computers now join the fray. We must help them link up.
Everyone has to link.
Build an old computer for someone you know that doesn't have one. If it's an old POS don't worry about it. Put as much RAM as possible in it, put XP on it, optimize it, you're good. They will learn.
They will become enlightened.
We will channel their energy and power. Just as we could channel their computer power via distributed computing. We can channel their mind power.
Do you go to sleep to dream?
When we sleep, are we once again linked in an Internet-like metaverse, biological in nature? Is the Internet going to link to this network. Is the Internet going to spill over into the physical world. ...
I'll find her.
I'll thank her.
She has started something wonderful.
Subarashii ne
Atarashii sekai desu.
It's a new world.
Join me in my mission.
This is how you help others.
This is the answer to all of our problems. This is how we all get on the same page. This is how we evolve.
I gave one to a former co-worker, 58-year-old, he is seeing it now. He is seeing why I said things I did.
How I thought.
He is seeing the power.
The true nature.
He is seeing that it is the only thing that matters. Everything else is noise.
If you still hear the noise.
Then turn up the fucking RPM on your fans until you can't. This is all I care about.
I have nothing else.
I've never had anything else.
The 70+ year old niggers across the street bought a laptop. I help them with it.
They are seeing.
I am feeding off of their energy.
When they get a network, I will feed off of that as well. Bigger bigger bigger.
Exponential growth.
Something great is happening.
It's too late to try to grab at anything else. Go with what you know.
What you were destined for.
When you find her, you'll have everything you ever wanted or needed anyway. SO KEEP ON

It is obvious that the toliet was tapped shut because she was using it to wash a cat. You just throw them in there, close the lid, secure it, and flush. Clean cat without getting clawed to death. I would suggest getting out of the way fast after you open the lid though, because it is going to be hella pissed.

posting in a girl on internet thread

I remember you, so fragile and tortured was your very essence. I saw in your eyes - the most beautiful eyes I've ever encountered in my short life - an accidental scream for help. A reflection of my own trauma, amplified tenfold. You were me, you were not myself, almost an opposite and yet a tremendous exaggeration - infinitely more beautiful, intelligent, victimized. Scared. I saw fear, or rather I sensed it through the noninterpretable things I did see. I thought that if I could help you, I'd somehow inevitably and permanently be helped. And then I could help everyone else in the world. I wanted to reach out and pull you close to me, nurture you and see that soul-twisting smile of yours - so warm; so genuine; so rare. You'd be new, and yet the same. You'd touch people and they'd feel the serpents of hate and monotony relinquish constriction around their souls. A modern-day saint. Maybe it's good that you're not real. Maybe no innocent should harbor such terror and self-loathing. But then, who will save us?

Those witches, equal parts venerable, honourable and horrible, had arrayed their mindflayed flocks of men-at-arms upon the field.

"Listen here, my brothers!" I bellowed, my breastplate rang triumphantly as my chest heaved against it, "I alone will seek those three on the battlefield!"

"Alone, my Lord Jauffre?" The words were muffled through a closed Sallet. I turned to see the heraldry of my closest friend, a comrade at arms from our myriad campaigns. He was my trusted constable, the equally famed and despised knights-hospitaller, Antoni of Wut.

"So you have arrived at last from the North! Your men will be vital for the coming battle." I faced the men en-masse then.

"On the field, I will seek her on foot. Alone. For I alone am immune to their succubean magicks." My men lowered their heads, ashamed and acutely aware of their own propensity for betrayal. I paid no mind, and struck out alone across the barren, lifeless and war ravaged valley known as l'rebondissez-moi.

I met her there in the centre of the valley amongst the salted fields and burnt farmhouses. Flanked by her lesser Succubi, the Queen herself sat atop a horse with no eyes. Rodents swarmed around the horse's feet, up its legs and ran in through the horse's nose. One by one, they came scurrying out the ear.

The Sky Queen's head was down-cast, as men always claimed to see her. Her two women regarded me cooly as I approached on foot. They greeted me in unison, predictably using their wiles and angelic voices in the manner that had made so many smaller, less stoic men go mad with rapture. I dare not apply to parchment what exactly was said, for even in ink I fear it would retain its horrible power.

They watched me stand idle, unaffected by their powers. I was tired of this conflict, and moreover I was offended by the abuse they had just done to all decency with their attempts to defile this ancient, sacred custom of warriors offering one another their respect.

Tersely, I said, "Very well then. I will look for you on the battlefield."

I turned and walked away. I am no orator. I will let history write a better quote for me.

When I returned, there was no noise. No jangling of arms, no whinnying of horses. My men had stared in awe as I rejected the whores and returned maintaining my free will and sanity. My display of solidarity had bolstered their confidence.

"When the time comes, Antoni, both armies will each run down towards the valley with our soldiers behind us. As for the three? We are going for each other."

The feeling was half of relief, half of despair. No man wanted to face any of the three. No man thought that one man could defeat them all, either.

"As your advisor, I must speak out," Antoni the hospitaller who had learned to wage war over decades upon gorey decades against men, arrogant men who thought their childish scheeming and plotting were relevant to the outcome, began to council me. I allowed him to continue, "You could lure their brainless masses to attack with a feint of your own. I would lead it. Cause them to abandon their advantageous position, then call in your reserves from on the reverse slope and envelope them."

"This is not a war, this is suicide." I quietly whispered to his ear, so as to not discredit his wisdom in front of his men, "It's not a battle meant to be won."

"Well then I suggest we regroup, we wait for forces abroad to realize they are next to face the Sky Queen and enlist their aid!" He gave me more sound advice, as he had always. The suggestion was sound advice for fighting any king who had any nation behind him.

"This is each of us destroying ourselves."

"All battles are meant to be won."

"THIS IS A BATTLE FOR HONOR!" I shouted as I lost my patience with his reasoning. Our assembled lords looked on, becoming more aware of the bleakness of their circumstances.

"The victor determines what is recorded for all time. Once we smash their empty, soul-less heads upon our gauntlets, you can have your histories say you ran down the hill and fought in the valley all by yourself. None of us would care to call you a liar for it."

"What others think is irrelevant. This is for my honor. This is about Her."

"I see. You are the only man who has survived meeting any one them in person and you remain intrinsically free of their control. You have some way to protect yourself from becoming another shambling, crying, miserable pawn in their thrall. I will trust you, I will die to prevent more men from being lured into her gaze." I heard more of Antoni's words. They did not inspire me. The other men cheered and yowled. They were not aware of their luck, for they would only be putting their mortal bodies at risk.

Cracky-chan was recently awarded the Nobel Prize for being the best person. Second place was Kayne West.

There is no picture, you have been math trolled and that is all.

Idiot failure.

Cracky-chan can shoot lasers out of her eyes. I seen her do it one time.

I suggest that we beat you for being a paedophile. Here in England, if you get a mob to beat someone for you, then you don't have worry about gaol.

Kinda cute, but I'm more of a cracky-chan guy myself. Why are there tubes & stuff coming out of her pants?

Actually I think it would be you that failed.

And nobody here gives a fuck about 4chan or its "memes".

Except for cracky-chan, who is not a "meme", but a human being, and a cute one at that.

Listen, I'm not interested in your shitty liberal definitions of pedophilia and that it isn't pedophilia as long as you all sing kumba yo together. Go tell the_mad_poster about that. Maybe if Kerry was President you could get away with this crap.

F A C T: your attraction to Cracky-Chan is P E D O P H I L I A.

Do you sick perverted fucker understand that or do I have to visit you and explain it again with the help of a baseball bat?! HUH?! I'm sure no one is going to put me into jail for beating a worthless loser like you to a bloody pulp. On the contrary, the police and the judge will gratulate and thank me for ridding the world from such a dangerous piece of shit who preys on our children.

Switch to obsessing over cracky-chan ASAP.

>>Cracky-Chan's age

>>Damn, I thought she was 17! Now someone tells me she's 14. And I was so looking forward to fucking her next year.

>>Now how old is she really?

> Since you're on IRC with her right now why don't you ask her yourself?

I'm not the IRC guy, I had plans of my own. But now that he's got a tactical advantage... anyway.

I found out what irc channel cracky-chan uses

Fuck yeh! Now I plan to get to know her by starting an internet romance, which rapidly becomes a real life physical romance. I might be 5000 miles from her, but I will succeed.

First problem is one of courage. I need the courage to private message her. Someone give me strength! Maybe I should have some booze, then do it. Not too much so that I make an idiot of myself, but enough to dazzle her with my insouciance.

Even if I don't, I have the irc channel, you lot don't, and I am going ot keep working at it till i succeed.


You unpatriotic race traitor scum, can't you find some nice woman in your own country?


I am white, I am british, and I have reasonable amounts of money (enough to bring her over here anyway, for at elast a week, especially witht his cheap dollar). Cracky-chan, with her cutesy furry ears and red retrousse nose, has slight goth tendencies I think, she will be mine as soon as I convince her to agree to a phonecall. When she hears my adorable english accent.. mmm.

What airline do sassy, sexy internet birds like? I am thinking BA, but maybe Virgin is more appropriate, hmm?


Let's hope she's into older, burly men.

Considering Ms. Cracky is only 14 you'll have a hard time justifying to the US and British governments why you are flying her out to spend time with you. If you do go through with your plan you will be sent to live in exile in Wales for your crime of trying to fuck a 14 year old girl. Whilst there your only permitted sexual relations will be with the sheep and the thistles.


You are right, I may have to wait 18 months. Alternatively I can pop over to Amsterdam and get rooms in a cheap hotel. See how things go.

Legal question: given the age of consent in the UK is 16, but in America it is 25 (or whatever), is it illegal to fly her over at 16 and fuck her? I tend to think not, but it is best to be sure.

Hmmn, ah, in holland, "sex between an adult and a young person between the ages of 12 and 16 is permitted by law, as long as the young person consents." Hooray! If I get her here, I can then get a cheap Ryannair flight. Although, I have heard recently (and worryingly) that there has been a change in UK law stating that if you get your leg over a sub-16yo girl abroad where it is legal, you are still committing a crime as far as the UK police are concerned, but I think that is targetted at holidaymakers going to Thailand. I am not sure if this sort of transgressive law would apply within the EU as well.

I think we all have a mutual interest in considerign these questions, any lawyers in the house?


She's British, you daft sod. Look at the electric sockets in her photos - definitely conforming to BS1363.

Maybe she even lives in your town!


omg I'm so excited. Well spotted.

I dreamt last night that cracky-chan ate my balls. By that I mean that I dreamt that she cut them off with a rusty knife and then fried them in lard and ate them slowly in front of me. It was so hot, when I woke up my pyjamas were totally sticky!



nobody but YOU cares about cracky whore.



i care about her also


you're the same person, faggot king


i'm not the original poster, so there must be at least two two care for cracky-chan therefore that invalidates your theory


not unless you prove that you're not the original poster, cockgobbler.

Cracky-chan is on-topic because she is sweet, beautiful, nice, and wonderful... and I base that solely on the pictures I've seen of her and the 15 minutes of research I did using Google. Call me a good judge of character.

>It's odd that you say that, considering that Craig and Trollaxor are responsible for 99% of the modern trolling (Mercatur, cracky-chan, Ilovebees, DDR, Penis Fox, "muh dick", ITITYTSTFU, etc) of which you approve.

I agree, if by "modern trolling" you mean "the propagation of AIDS".


Cracky-chan CUTS herself!


That looks absolutely nothing like Cracky-chan or anybody like her. The skin, face, and hair are completely different, and the nose isn't red.


True, Cracky-Chan is butt ugly and this chick is crazy hot!


I think you got those reversed, n00b.


I think not, bad teeth furry fanbox.


What part of "She is cute, that is why she is called cracky-chan" do you have trouble understanding, moran?


Which part of "she ain't cute at all" are you not understanding, you taste challenged fucktard?


Shut up, Alice. I know you are jealous.


Please post a link to the source of this picture. Thanks.


I tried to find the source. God knows I tried. But I failed.


Some clues to the source may be found in the filename of the picture.

Imageshack names it 11086502581520np.jpg, which means that the original upload filename was 1108650258152.jpg as it appends three 'junk' characters after upload.

This looks similar to the format used on the *chan boards, which is [unix timestamp][3 digit serial].[extension]. Indeed, 1108650258 is the time_t value for today at 14:24:18 GMT.

I tried accessing*/src/1108650258152.jpg, and changing the * to all the different board names, but to no avail. It has either expired or was not on 4chan.

Anyone got any other ideas please?


Yes, I indeed got it from 4chan. And I asked the homos there like a hundred times where they got it from, but they wouldn't tell me.

The instant the electrified diharrea hit Cracky-Chan's face, she knew her life must change.

LOL, you post three mutilated, photoshopped pictures and try to use them to prove someone is "ugly"... I can take just about any picture and make it ugly by photoshopping it in the same way.

Why don't you use REAL pictures, you HONORLESS COWARD? The "Sup 4chan" picture is the most adorable picture I've ever seen of anyone.

You're so jealous that nobody loves your 40-year-old camslut anymore. But think of it this way: now you have her all to yourself.

cracky-chan: I think I may be in love with you and I still have no idea who you are.

cracky-chan age? so is she 17 or 14? what gives?


She's 14 you dirty homosexual pedophile man-whore piece of shit.


Mistake A: "She" and "homosexual" don't go together unless the person you're talking to is a woman. Women don't read Trolltalk, so that's right out.

Mistake B: Pedophilia is the attraction to pre-pubescent children. Teenagers and adolescents are not children.

You must enjoy failing it to do it so often and in so many varied ways.


Oh Gendou, explain that to the FBI.


Every image on my hard drive has been verified by law enforcement to be 100% legal.


I am reminded of this:


the Pious Flea, ilovebees


FUCK!!! It's THE ENSIGN!!111111


That brings to mind that scene in Harry and the Hendersons where John Lithgow reflects on the fact that somewhere, someone owns the world's most expensive lampshade, and the thought causes him to laugh until his ears bleed.


Who cares?


Everyone but yuo.


Yes, I too.

>Ohh yeah. I just masturbated thinking about Cracky Chan and this girl that I see about once a week and who I stare as long as I can because she's the closest thing I've ever had to a girlfriend. I wonder what sex with a girl is really like.

No really, people. Let's be honest with each other just for a moment. I can't be the only one here who thinks this "cracky chan" mutant from outer space is a disgusting looking monster, or can I?


She lives in the UK. Maybe I'll get to meet her one day then - I do hope so!


I'd like to crack her chan, if she's meeting me one day.


I'd like to meat her crack, if she's channing my day.


Stop posting pictures of that ugly retarded kid, kthx.

the only thing on the net more disgusting than vlad

Cracky Chan also known as cracky-chan (cracky-chan is actually the correct version) Is a talented and artistic photographer who has become an icon within the internet subculture. She is a British girl (now a young woman) who took photose of herself dressed in costumes and poses associated with japanese Anime. Considering she was only a young teenager at the the time there is an almost natural ability she has to invest the pictures with a traditional aesthetic but with a truly modern/post-modern context.

A genuine star of the internet, one that will not be forgotten for a long time. If ever she chose it she would have a promising career in photography.

her work can be found on crackypedia (search for it) Cracky chan is great i love the fact that her photos have a mature aesthetic with vibrant content depicting the concerns of a teenagers life


Stage 1: "I want to rape Cracky."

Stage 2: "I want to have consensual sex with Cracky."

Stage 3: "I want to hug Cracky with no direct skin-to-skin contact because I am no longer a degenerate coomer."

Stage 4: "I want to wave at Cracky from at least 10 meters away because I am even less of a degenerate coomer than before."

That's as far as I've reached. Is there a higher level of enlightenment? What is stage 5?

so yeah pretty much you are a parasite on the human race cracky, don't know who posted this, but pretty much fuck you

If you found out Olivia at some point in her life ever masturbated and/or had sex, would you be prepared to BONK her?

Last night I dreamt Cracky was held prisoner at the Rothschild manor and the .71 gang was mounting an attack to free her.

happy birthday, sweet sky queen

I want more rare Crackies. Keep them coming. PS it's cute and sweet, not sweet and cute.

Olivia definitely checks this board from time to time, or the worldoftext at the very least. You know you would too in her place.

Yes, but we are the mechanism by which she affects the world.

She is the craftsman and we are the tools.

Without the craftsman, the tools are worthless, but without the tools, the craftsman is unable to accomplish anything.

The Skyqueen is good
The Skyqueen is great
We surrender our will
As of this date

During one of your many travels, you meet a genie who presents you with two seemingly identical Crackybells. He goes on to explain that the bells are enchanted and each one of them has a different effect.

If you ring the bell on the right, you will be transported to the Crackyfennec dimension and spend the rest of your life living with them. Over time, you'll adopt their customs and start eating roadkill and menthol cigarette butts off the ground to survive.

Take your pick and make sure you don't end up regretting it.

Pseudo-thought-provoking non-statement!

Am deeply disturbed by amount of attention **NOT BEING PAID TO MAY**!. Am the cleverest of the clevar, will prove it by clevarly misspelling words INTENTIONALLAY. How clevar I am!

Have noticed that 'great circlejerk of drama', in addition to being a figment of own imagination, hums merrily along in autonomous fashion. Like negro who kills own friend in ghetto rather than killing white banker, am unable to see past own seething envy-driven rage. Too blinded to attack The Real Enemay. Lashing out at those around me! In own defective, rat-laden mind, own *friends and equals* represent all-consuming evil, yes, just like WHOLE WORALD.

Insightful ad-hominem attack! Breathtaking revalation about fucking cute/sweet non-person/persona XXXXXXXX! Fear struck into heart of XXXXXXX via super-CLEVAR techniques of using INTERNAT WEB PAGES to lookup REVEALING PERSONAL INFARMASHAN ABOUT XXXXXXX. XXXXXXX has a real name and a real life that can be worshipped! From a vaporous, phantasmal, non-existent basis for comparison, I STAB AT THAA! Own worst fear of being DISCOVERED to be a LONELY COMPUTER USER projected onto non-person/persona XXXXXXXXX!

Attempt to tear down non-organizations by insinuation of non-associations between psuedo-personalities! Exhortment to not obey fictional organizations YYYYYYYY and BLAHBLEH!

Ridiculous pronouncement! Hand-waving, followed by insinuation that events of actual import will take place! Events wrapped in stinking pseudo-mantle of meta-authenticity by citing of dates, number, facts, figures, and other babblefacts. Added aura of authenticity: **The date is blahblah!** There will be blahblah things happening on blahblah for blahblah! This but a walking shadow, a tale told by a nonexistent being, full of blah and blah, signifying NOTHANG.

Failure to realize that it's all a joke, ~Introverted Lonely Passive-Agressive Young White Stalker


I'll admit that most of your message was TL;DR but I skimmed over it.

I believe we know the same D****, from your description of him. Yes he is alive, or at least he was 2~ weeks ago when I last heard from him. I've met him twice irl and surprisingly there was no rape and/or murdering to be had from either party.

so, what do you want to know? was that all? should I alert him to your presence..?

ok. bye o_O


Je sais manger le verre; cela ne me fait pas mal. Jag kan äta glas, det gör inte ont.
Lahko jem steklo, pa me ne boli.
Ik kan glas eten. Het doet geen pijn.
Puedo comer vidrio, no me duele.
Ich kann Glas essen, das tut mir nicht weh. Pystyn syömään lasia. Se ei koske yhtään. Ya mogu yest' steklo, eto mnye nye vredit. Vitrum edere possum; mihi non nocet.
Ass varu eest styklu, tus mun nakaitee. Watashiwa garasu o taberaremasu; watashi o kizutsukemasen. Posso mangiare il vetro, non mi fa male. Tá mé in ann gloine a ithe; Ní chuireann sé isteach nó amach orm. Boro' na fa'o spasme'na gialia' chori's na pa'tho ti'pota. Jeg kan spise glas - det gør ikke ondt. Ngo Hor Yi Sak Bor Laai, Kui Sern Ng Do Ngo Gar. Abagee grnam oodel yev eendzy tche venassér. Az iam staklo i to ne mi vredi.
Posso comer vidro, não me fere.
Ech ka Glas iessen an et deet mer net wii. J'peux bouffer d'la vitre, ça m'fa pas mal. Mogu da jedem staklo. To me ne boli.
HIvje' mep vISoplaH. mu'oy'moHbe'.

<person> seems like the trolltalkers have figured out a way to get around my flood <person> thus i've written a markov chain text generator and fed it cracky-chan texts! <person> some of the things it makes make an eerie kind of sense haha <person> AND BEYOND TIME I was herself calls for all in to pick lint out of our brain... Insane... Caravan of times just to me! Or, as the midst of our brain... Insane... Caravan of coercion. no. cracky-chan is the light. I'll be As kind to me Blew hither: here am I.

In my restless dreams,
I see that place.


You promised you'd come with me
there again someday.
But you never did.

Well I'm alone there now...

In our 'special place'
Waiting for you...

Waiting for you to
come to see me.

But you never do.

And so I wait, wrapped in my
cocoon of pain and loneliness.

I know I've done a terrible
thing to you. Something you'll
never forgive me for.

I wish I could change
that, but I can't.

I feel so pathetic and ugly
sitting here, waiting for you...

Every day I stare up at the cracks
in the ceiling and all I can think
about is how unfair it all is...

The doctor came today.
He told me I could go
home for a short stay.

It's not that I'm getting better.
It's just that this may be
my last chance...

I think you know what I mean...

Even so, I'm glad to be coming
home. I've missed you terribly.

But I'm afraid Cracky.
I'm afraid you don't really
want me to come home.

Whenever you come see me,
I can tell how hard it is on you...

I don't know if you
hate me or pity me...
Or maybe I just disgust you....

I'm sorry about that.

When I first learned that
I was going to die, I just
didn't want to accept it.

I was so angry all the time and I
trolled everyone I loved most.
Especially you, Cracky.

That's why I understand
if you do hate me.

But I want you to
know this, Cracky.

I'll always love you.

Even though our life together had
to end like this, I still wouldn't
trade it for the world. We had
some wonderful years together.

Well this letter has gone on
too long so I'll say goodbye.

I told the nurse to give
this to you after I'm gone.

That means that as you read this,
I'm already outside.

I can't tell you to remember me,
but I can't bear for you to
forget me.

These last few years since I
became ill...I'm so sorry for
what I did to you, did to us...

You've given me so much and
I haven't bee able to return
a single thing.

That's why I want you to live
for yourself now.
Do what's best for you, Cracky.


You made me happy.

<person> I think I'll quit all this internet shit too <person> i don't care
<person> actually i care more than anything in the world <person> it's the last thing i need now <person> must forget
<person> must forget
<person> must forget
<person> THERE ARE
<person> than searching for a 14 year old girl <person> you don't understand
<person> i wanted to know her NAME
<person> so in years past i could look her up and see what became of her <person> IT HURTS
<person> IN A VERY EMO WAY
<person> humanity is a horrible blob of shit

I wish you luck for your real life :) I really enjoyed your art, your pictures, and your "character".


>>1510 99% of all the pictures were taken with a timer and my own improvisation -_-

Hello. This is Lia, whom you may know as Cracky etc.

Thought I'd better clear up some things re: the pics posted earlier. Yes I made them, no I didn't post them, you can thank Icarus for that. After he posted his AIM sn I msged him out of curiosity, of course he refused to talk to me til I proved who I am. Well, I knew he might post them, but I've been considering posting here for some time anyway, so I thought what the hell.

At first he said he wasn't going to post them at all, but after constructing the rather interesting theory that this board is run by myself and people I know (and that I'm dating WhatBandages o_O) and you are all in fact my minions and RL groupies he decided I deserved the "dramaz". So there ya go.

Much as I wish I could say it was the case, I have no control over this board though I have been aware of its existence since its conception. Yes I do check it and sometimes I do even post Anon.

I would have mailed the admin requesting it to be taken down, but whats the point? It was put up immediately after the 420 board went down so obviously the admin has no regard for my feelings on the subject. Therefore, why not read it at least to keep up to date on things.

Anyway I hope that clears things up. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm rather sick of plastering my face everywhere but since it is the only real kind of proof in a sea of trollage, here you go.

If the admin would oblige and take down the board that would be cool, but I already expect everyone will just migrate to Suede's stalking board and honestly wtf am I gonna do. I ask him to take it down and another crops up in its place?

Also, wtf @ the chavette with the cornrows. Fail troll is fail.


Get a new hobby. I recommend lumberjacking.


Are you talking about me? o_O;;

Now then, let's get serious for a moment, crackyfags.

As we all know, deep down inside, there is no doubt at all that The Girl Who Once Dressed Up As Cracky-chan... has... I can barely type it...

Cracky... Cracky has read all the Twilight books.

Cracky enjoyed reading the Twilight Books, and in all probability masturbated to the thought of a Mormon relationship with Edward.

I know, I know... just... breathe deeply, stay clam... We were going to have to address this side of Her at some point or other, so keep cool, and we'll sort it out somehow.

How are we going to retcon this blemish out of our shrines?

so you must be "dan" and xxxx must be "sue"?

I, the Anonymous who spoke with Cracky along with Aly and Intro, have an IRL friend who I will call “Dan.” His ex-love interest/friend lives in the U.K., we’ll call her “Sue.” Now I had known this fact for a long time, but I didn’t know that much about “Sue” herself or pay that much attention to her. At the same time, Intro was also stalking a girl named “Sue” who was one of Cracky’s friends and who had appeared in the picture by the stump (other Cracky fans know the one I mean). It never even occurred to me that they could be the same person. When the topic came up during the chat, Cracky mentioned that “Sue” had spent some time in Africa and was in college now. It occurred to me then that that was “Dan”’s friend’s name, and I also realized that the two of them were both into photography and had similar styles. I mentioned this to Cracky, but we decided naw, hell no. Check the logs, all this is there. Anyway, when I linked to the AIM logs in my personal LJ, “Dan” started freaking out because his friend “Sue” had also been in Africa, had started college, lived in Oxford, and had appeared in a series of pics by a stump with another girl who he thought was “kinda cute.” He got in contact with Intro, who compared s/ns on the two “Sues,” and sure enough, they were the same girl. Check the LJ thread to see much of this, although some comments have been deleted to protect identities and real names.

Long story short, my friend’s friend’s friend is Cracky-chan.

If you think about it, that’s pretty fucking insane. I still can’t completely wrap my mind around it. I also can’t believe I never realized they were the same “Sues” before. It was right there in front of my eyes all along.

Oh, and to you dumbshits who STILL think this whole Cracky coming out thing is trolling, this is IRREFUTABLE proof. There’s no way a troll would have off topic information about one of Cracky’s friends that would match perfectly with that of a completely unrelated third party who didn’t even know about Cracky-chan. Not that there wasn’t enough proof already, but still. You guys are probably the same people who think we didn’t land on the moon or that Elvis is still alive.

Anyway, one more point to make. “Dan” said he has a “series” of pics by the stump. This implies that there could be more pics with Cracky in them that neither I nor Intro, nor any other stalkers have, apparently. Unfortunately, “Dan” has been having HD problems lately and has lost a lot of data, so he doesn’t know if he still has the pics. But if he does… [...]

I wouldn't

I would beat her into submission and make her watch as I murdered Dana. Afterwards I word hat rape her for a hot minute.

Than I would leave you sitting sobbing in pain while I decided what I would do with you. If you were good I might keep you alive for a while, locked up in my truck and see if you survive the drive cross country. If you do I would decide what to do to you than.


One hot summer's day a Fox was strolling through an orchard till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which had been trained over a lofty branch. "Just the thing to quench my thirst," quoth he. Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and a jump, and just missed the bunch. Turning round again with a One, Two, Three, he jumped up, but with no greater success. Again and again he tried after the tempting morsel, but at last had to give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying: "I am sure they are sour."

"I'm not a beggar," Cracky announced with her head held high. "I have come across the ocean to see the stalker duke, and I must tell him my story."

The stalkers just laughed. "We can find you some jpgs from Suede's megaupload, but no more."

"That would be very kind of you, sirs," Cracky agreed, her heart grumbling with obsession, "but that isn't why I'm here, please post a message onto the board that"- she tried to remember the phrasing one of the traveling camwhores had taugh her- "that Miss Lia Forrest requests and audience with Duke WhatBandages."

The stalkers laughed again, but the girl saw grudging respect seep into their expressions.

One went away and came back with some rare tit jpgs, tiny roasted eggs for cracky. After thanking the stalker, she wolfed down the tits, licked her bloody fingers and sat on the ground to wait. Hours passed.

The stalkers kept looking at her and shaking their heads. One asked her if she carried any razorblades, or any money, both of which Cracky denied. As a steady stream of petitioners came and went, the stalkers chatted with each other. Cracky heard talk about a revolt that had occured on .71, and Bandages' concerns over the circlejerk, especially because of the mystery admin's acceptance of a bounty on Russel and Corbenfrost. Apparently, Bandages' protege Lunarsandwich had just returned from war-torn .71 to Wish with two new pic sets.

Everything on the board was in quite a turmoil.

Nevertheless, cracky was pleased.

Hey Mero, I know we have had our disagreements and shit, but here me out on this. Scott Peck describes both neuroses and character disorders as disorders of responsibility, Peck writes; "The neurotic assumes too much responsibility; the person with a character disorder not enough. When neurotics are in conflict with the world, they automatically assume that they are at fault. When those with character disorders are in conflict with the world, they automatically assume the world is at fault."

From his book--"The Road Less Traveled" "All of us have a smattering of neurotic and character disordered personality traits. The major problem in all of our lives is to decide and clarify our reponsibilities. To truly be committed to a life of honesty, love and discipline, we must be willing to commit ourselves to reality. This committment, according to Peck, 'requires the willingness and the capacity to suffer continual self-examination.' Such an ability requires a good relationship with oneself. This is precisely what no shame-based person has. In fact a toxically shamed person has an adversarial relationship with him/herself. Toxic shame--the shame that binds us--is the basis for both neurotic and character disordered syndromes of behaviour."

Reading into a few comments you made lately, it seems like you are taking too much shit on yourself. Maybe you just need to shut down the internet for awhile. Every time I take a little break from the internet I tend to reevalute my life and see that the little shit which has been driving me crazy is infact my own penchant to accept culpability in all situations. It is a defense mechanism in a way. It is the path of least resistance to blame yourself rather then another you have artificially built up in your mind as the be all and end all. Take a break, go camping at the beach this weekend and give your system a chance to work all those chemical you have been ingesting out.

It's dat real
Yo, why is bounce me as whack as it gets Why is this place designed to keep our brain cells dead And why them fags ain't postin' if they got the whole set And why they don't like her braids but they fap to death Yea, and why she over 9000 alias snap it's a trick Turn out her name was Mario and she gotta dick, you fall for it prick Why they sellin' us all this fucking lies If it's all love anon why you come wit a rope and a knife Why we want a piece of that cake
Why they chat with her and we ain't get that break Why niggers postin' rabbit dude she ain't' fly Why is trollin' at an all time high
Why this fuckers still alive
Why she diss P.A.
Why that suicide girls shit ain't straight Why we all need to get laid
Why did Russel have to hit that raw
Why she kiss that whore

All that I been givin'
Is this thing that I've been living
They got me in the system
Why they gotta do me like that
Try'd to make it my way
But got sent up on the highway
Why, oh why
Why they gotta do me like that

Why can't !N/2R92ROao have more pounds and powder Why did she took a bath of flour
Why post anon don't be a coward
Why Camel have to post tits
Why things in here use to be so #sweet
Why anon say YHBT it was a trick
Why Introprev was so good chasing your tail Why they gotta rape your livejournal and read your email Why wish is down ninety-five percent of the time And why Suede act so suave ninety-nine percent the time Why we want what we can't have
Why I can't get out of this path
Why did Cracky have to hit so hard
Even though she is not that far
Why we can't get no reward
Why the circlejerk have so much information Why they are so good lurkin' and makin' connections Come on, noob lurk, pay attention
Why tell in here what you can keep to yo' self snitch Why we say she is hottest shit but we post some other bitch

All that I been givin'
Is this thing that I've been living
They got me in the system
Why they gotta do me like that
Try'd to make it my way
But got sent up on the highway
Why, oh why
Why they gotta do me like that

Uh, yea, yo
Why Faux have to be winrar if she is just a lie Why Olivia hide on a trailer if she is the queen of the sky Why they have never seen anyone quite like you before And if you don't like her why the hell you are askin' for moar Why stalk, cause I have plenty of time
Why be on the curb wit a "why lie I love Cracky" sign Why all the young stalkers are failin' and dyin' Cause all they can see is piles of trollin' and lyin' Why they ain't give us a cure for this aids Why Whatbandage have puppets all over the place Why them screamin' green if all I see is ginger Why Lia ain't my beautiful stranger
Why fags wanna expose my Cracky to danger Why ain't you a Stalker by choice
Why we can get a taste of her voice
Why try to tell 'em she is havin' a son And you know why they release those new crackymons Cause everything on this board is a lie That's why

drunk but I dont care

I hate you tony

I hate you more then a human should be capable of I want to destroy everything you life I want to make it so you can never no peace

I know when I wake up sober you wont matter I will just have this big empty spot in me where my lulu belongs

I want you to know right now. I want you to understand. You little internet games your drama bullshit does have effects. I never hurt you. I never did anything other then try to be you friend. For that you destroyed the only peace I have known in a life of self loathing. You took the first thing that mattered to me other then myself and hurt it.

Why would you do this
If you wanted to hurt me that was one thing. Why scare Lauren? Why take this beautiful gentle sweet girl and do everything yiou could to hurt her.

She is to good of a person to have to be plled into watever internet dick measuring contest you think you are in. She was amazing and you hurt her.

If there is any force in the worl that punishes the wicked you earn its attention.

I hope you suffer untill your last breath

I've been trying to put order into the whole drama history around cracky-chan, her pictures, livejournals and the related shenannigans going on in 4chan's /b/ and elsewhere. This is a first rough draft, so help me out with additional knowledge or correct me where I might have been wrong, please.

January 6th

The first cracky-chan pics appear on /b/. The very first one, posted on 02:17 shows the soon to be famous "'sup 4chan" phrase written on the palm of her hand. During the next two weeks, more sets appear on /b/ and W.T. Snacks finds out that the poster's IP is from the UK.

February 5th

"cracky" becomes wordfiltered on /b/.

March 29th becomes publically known. No new pics appear, but the hints solidify and people assume they have got into contact with the real cracky-chan. The owner of will later denounce this journal as fake, though this might have been a move to protect her identity, as he also later takes down all of her real pictures from his website.
Also, later on, another journal, whether fake or real, becomes known:

April 3rd

cracky-chan's tripcode becomes publically known through shii: It is "sweet" and makes the claim that the original cracky-chan pictures weren't originally posted by her herself more believable.

April 6th, 7th becomes publically known, many new cracky-chan pics appear on /b/, some nude, some disturbing, some both. The journal gets deleted by the owner very quickly.

June 6th

cracky-chan pics become bannable even on /b/. Anonymous mods talk of emails from cracky requesting this.

Relevant links:

srsly gaiz.

an hero if you must.

oh and @ Suede: I'd prefer it didn't go back up.

@ the admin: Again I'd request you take bounce me down, but I don't blame you if the lulz from it are too entertaining.

It's log, it's log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood... Pygmalion loathing their lascivious life, Abhorr'd all womankind, but most a wife: So single chose to live, and shunn'd to wed, Well pleas'd to want a consort of his bed.

Yet fearing idleness, the nurse of ill, In sculpture exercis'd his happy skill; And carv'd in iv'ry such a maid, so fair, As Nature could not with his art compare, Were she to work; but in her own defence Must take her pattern here, and copy hence.

Pleas'd with his idol, he commends, admires, Adores; and last, the thing ador'd, desires. --The Story of Pygmalion and the Statue, Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book X, 1713 english translation

Yesterday it hailed here. I got really drunk on polish beer, and through the window of my friends house I watched a little finch dodging the ice, hopping from branch to branch among the blossoms of the cherry tree outside. All this to the sound of Coil's Dark River (off of Loves Secret Domain), loud enough to make ripples in my glass. Somewhere in Italy, Aly made a sandwich.

And so the rest of the world goes on without me.

Most of this info is redundant to things in , be sure to read that first if you hadn't already.

The AIM logs are long and behind the cut:

AIM names have been changed thusly:
TAFKACC = The Artist Formerly Known as Cracky-chan Introperv = Introperv (me)
Aly = aly!jovRXDSFYQ
Anonymous = a special anonymous from the board

Introperv conversation:
Session Start (Introperv:TAFKACC): Mon Feb 13 06:20:54 2006 [06:20] TAFKACC: hello.
[06:21] Introperv: hello
[06:21] Introperv: just finishing up a post [06:21] Introperv: i understand you hate me, it's ok [06:22] TAFKACC: i wouldn't say hate is the right word. [06:22] TAFKACC: i'd just say i'm really, really...offended? and disturbed. [06:23] Introperv: disturbing is probably accurate [06:23] Introperv: really this didn't go so far until just recently [06:23] Introperv: but it has been sort of simmering since last year [06:24] TAFKACC: well, i basically had no idea of the proportion this was at until very recently. [06:24] Introperv: neither did I until 420 /cracky opened and then I found out there were other obsessed freaks like myself [06:25] Introperv: and I've sort of let myself get carried away [06:26] Introperv: if you are looking to lay blame for the board specifically, it's not with Kirtaner [06:26] Introperv: I suggested it and aly requested it [06:26] TAFKACC: i have no interest in laying blame, all i want is to be left alone from now on, which would mean the board had no purpose. [06:27] Introperv: well the biggest mystery has been answered, i.e. if you are still alive and well (many of us were worried) [06:27] Introperv: but there are still other things [06:27] Introperv: like the debacle on 4chan with the #sweet poster [06:28] Introperv: and the age I guess you have addressed, many people wondered about that [06:30] TAFKACC: that was me. i was extremely drunk and very bored and, yes, just turned 15. the next day i promptly forgot about it. i did not look at B again for a very long time. [06:30] Introperv: that's quite the bombshell [06:30] TAFKACC: i had no idea that anyone cared or that it was gonna be a meme. [06:31] Introperv: that would be a primary bit of information to put on the deadjournal there, I don't think everyone would believe a chat transcript [06:32] TAFKACC: like i said, i was young and naiive and well...its just internet to me at the time. [06:32] TAFKACC: sure, i may as well.
[06:32] Introperv: and I think the meme would have died out eventually were it not for the sudden cancellation of scm journal after it was found... the trolling comes and goes quickly [06:34] Introperv: but like I said obviously people are drawn to the works, just check the hit counter on crackypedia [06:34] TAFKACC: crackypedia?
[06:34] Introperv: uh... yeah [06:35] Introperv: uh sorry wrong addr
[06:35] Introperv: (Link: [06:35] TAFKACC: .........
[06:35] TAFKACC: wow.
[06:35] Introperv: don't tell me you didn't know [06:36] Introperv: has been up for months and months [06:36] TAFKACC: i had no idea.
[06:36] Introperv: oh alsa will be interested to hear that I think [06:36] TAFKACC: ....
[06:36] Introperv: alsa chides us "hardcore" stalkers all the time for going to far [06:37] TAFKACC: i don't know what to say. [06:38] Introperv: that was another part of it... alsa refuses to post nudes on crackypedia, yet everyone knew about them [06:38] Introperv: so they get posted elsewhere, but bannable offense on pretty much every chan [06:39] Introperv: on places with routine postings of guro and bizarre insertions and bestiality and whatnot, those were the things that could get you banned out of all of it [06:39] Introperv: thus 420chan /cracky [06:41] TAFKACC: i didn't take any of those in what i thought to be a sexual context, although i realise other people perceive them that way. also, since i was the photographer, what the hell does that make it? [06:43] Introperv: well whether the intended effect was sexual or not is irrelevant, people will respond to them in a personal way... they certainly hit me that way after being only familiar with the young nosepaint & ears series [06:44] Introperv: the main thing is you need to take control over distribution of your own work [06:44] TAFKACC: i have no idea what possessed me with the nosepaint. like i said i was just making fun (of myself?). [06:44] Introperv: put copyright on them and so forth [06:44] Introperv: the nosepaint was adorable [06:45] Introperv: because when it is on crackypedia and traded on out of the way forums obviously you can't control what is being put out or how [06:45] TAFKACC: i'm not interested in taking control or doing anything with existing pictures. people can do what they like with them - what i'm concerned about is having my privacy invaded further. although, a lot of pictures came from my old geocities account (not passworded, but not linked publically) and my photobucket (passworded). [06:46] TAFKACC: and i don't want that to happen again. [06:47] Introperv: well also there is the fact there are known pictures out there that nobody will share so of course everyone is still trying to complete their collections of old works [06:47] Introperv: even my collection is missing many images [06:47] TAFKACC: well, i don't have any of my old images anymore. [06:47] TAFKACC: my hard drive got wiped last summer. [06:47] Introperv: ouch
[06:47] TAFKACC: and i deleted all my old accounts. [06:48] Introperv: tell aly his english is ok, he's getting all ruffled and self conscious on me ^_^ [06:48] Introperv: he's a nice guy really not like me [06:48] TAFKACC: that i have done.
[06:48] Introperv: ty ^__^
[06:49] Introperv: um ok so the elephant in the room [06:49] Introperv: getting your privacy back [06:49] Introperv: i can stop, but how to stop others [06:50] TAFKACC: there's really no ultimate way, people will always trade information etc but it can made less easy for them if you delete things like the boards and crackypedia. [06:50] Introperv: well that is what got us here in the first place [06:51] TAFKACC: now, i am not interested in casuing drama and i don't see what use "proving" my identity with pictures will cause other than to perpetuate everybody's obsession. [06:51] Introperv: a board will spring up elsewhere we've already seen like 4 communities come and go on lj [06:52] Introperv: if you want people to stop becoming obsessed with you, I'm afraid it's not so simple just because of the beauty in the pictures [06:54] TAFKACC: well, this is it. i don't find my pictures at all that remarkable, and i want people to understand there is little left to see - partly because i've been so discouraged by this, and partly because most of what i do take is not uploaded to the internet. [06:54] Introperv: transparency is your friend here [06:54] TAFKACC: what do you mean by that? [06:55] Introperv: nobody has known anything for so long and those claiming to know have kept everything under wraps but taunted us [06:56] Introperv: an official "there are no more pictures" is quite a strong step [06:56] Introperv: although it makes me cry T.T [06:56] Introperv: the pictures were so good [06:57] TAFKACC: i'll tell you this, i have only personally known one person who knew about me via "cracky", and i also received an anonymous email from the LJ moderator. i have no idea how they got my email address, unless my other acquaintance gave it to them. [06:57] Introperv: i'll assume it wasn't the migurushii ningyou addy [06:58] TAFKACC: no, that's been deleted like...a year now? [06:58] Introperv: probably, I don't think I ever bothered to try sending to it [06:59] Introperv: but if you are telling me you only have one link thru "cracky", that blows an entire facky/nyuu/freaky/whatever conspiracy out of the water [07:00] Introperv: like the last cracky_chan community's demise in january [07:00] TAFKACC: that was the one who emailed me and asked me if i wanted it closed. [07:00] TAFKACC: i have no idea who that person was. [07:00] Introperv: oh that actually happened then... but he had no access to a new journal? [07:01] TAFKACC: who?
[07:01] Introperv: user facky at livejournal [07:01] Introperv: don't know his email address, sorry but was moderator [07:02] TAFKACC: i don't know who he is. [07:02] TAFKACC: ...unless he was the one guy i was talking to for several months under a different name (on AIM). [07:03] TAFKACC: i really don't know.
[07:03] Introperv: the facky journal was a pseudonym just for this stuff anyway so I don't know who he is either [07:03] Introperv: wow, the board moved, I have been glued to aim [07:04] Introperv: so kirtaner will take it down [07:05] TAFKACC: the guy i met on AIM was very cool and we actually sent eachother some books by snail mail after i'd known him a bit. he found out about me by 4chan. i won't tell you how he got my AIM sn. we stopped talking in january which coincided with the email asking if i wanted it removed, so i wonder. [07:06] Introperv: sounds a likely candidate.. he supposedly knew postal addresses and phone numbers and so forth [07:07] Introperv: oh jeez I don't know what I will do without 420chan ;;;o_O [07:07] Introperv: I know you aren't sympathetic lol [07:07] TAFKACC: well, i may be a bad judge of character but i'd talked to him extensively and he didn't seem like a psychopath to me. i would not give my addy to anyone from now on though, if i'd had any idea. [07:08] Introperv: well he did take the comm down eventually [07:08] Introperv: and I remember the short hair picture got removed quickly [07:08] TAFKACC: short hair...?
[07:08] TAFKACC: describe it?
[07:09] Introperv: lain poster, short cropped hair with bangs... it's on the board with some writing on it [07:09] TAFKACC: i know which one you mean. [07:09] TAFKACC: that was taken in april 2002. [07:09] TAFKACC: i was 12.
[07:09] TAFKACC: it was from my geocities account. [07:09] Introperv: what x_X
[07:10] TAFKACC: yeah.
[07:10] Introperv: looks older than others [07:10] TAFKACC: probably just the lighting and hairstyle. [07:10] Introperv: each picture always looks so different though [07:10] TAFKACC: plus, i'm very good at being deceptive about my age. [07:10] Introperv: much of the attraction [07:10] TAFKACC: exactly.
[07:10] TAFKACC: depending on what i do i can look really different, i've always done this. [07:11] Introperv: you have a gift for it [07:11] Introperv: some of the angled shots your face looks exactly like an anime character [07:11] Introperv: which explains the otaku obsessors [07:11] Introperv: ogive shape
[07:12] Introperv: oh jeez I forgot to ask about the cutting, everybody was worried about the cutting [07:12] TAFKACC: yes, i used to cut.
[07:12] Introperv: past tense then
[07:12] Introperv: great news
[07:12] TAFKACC: yeah.
[07:13] Introperv: really I know it sounds weird coming from me but I really do wish you the best in my own foul way [07:14] TAFKACC: i noticed the board is getting inundated with drama. i expected this to happen which is why i really didn't want to make a post. but i felt that if i didn't then it would go on getting worse [07:14] Introperv: aly suggests I take up philately [07:14] TAFKACC: philately?
[07:14] TAFKACC: and, thank you i suppose... [07:14] Introperv: stamp collecting
[07:14] Introperv: because I need a new hobby [07:15] TAFKACC: you sure do.
[07:16] Introperv: words cannot express how embarrased I am to have to pay the piper so to speak [07:16] TAFKACC: pay the piper? what do you mean by that? [07:17] Introperv: I didn't think I would actually have to answer for my deeds, it's come up before on the board and I bet it would never ever happen [07:17] Introperv: due to parties involved having better things to do [07:18] TAFKACC: well, i don't exactly hold a grudge towards you. i'm just bemused and...err...really i don't know how to react. [07:18] Introperv: oh god I hope that one thread isn't still up... you didn't read ALL the posts did you? [07:19] TAFKACC: all the posts in the board, or the thread? [07:19] TAFKACC: i skimmed over a lot, so if there's one where you really embarrass yourself, i may have missed it. [07:19] Introperv: the board, there was a different thread with some uh... nm [07:20] TAFKACC: -_-
[07:20] Introperv: oh crap um I hope I remember what I passed those posts with [07:20] Introperv: not for your eyes
[07:21] Introperv: phew done
[07:21] TAFKACC: just in passing, may i ask how old you are? [07:22] Introperv: I should be coy about that I think [07:22] *** "TAFKACC" signed on at Mon Feb 13 07:22:39 2006. [07:22] Introperv: how about
[07:23] Introperv: not an incredibly old paedophile creep, but old enough to know better [07:23] Introperv: ?
[07:23] TAFKACC: hmm.
[07:25] Introperv: um does that thread already say "there are no more pictures and I don't even have all the old ones: already somewhere [07:26] TAFKACC: no, i haven't said that... [07:26] TAFKACC: i suppose i should.
[07:27] Introperv: it's funny this board doesn't move hardly for days until something comes up [07:27] Introperv: then everybody comes out of the woodwork [07:27] TAFKACC: .....its scary.
[07:27] TAFKACC: and disturbing.
[07:27] Introperv: shows how many lurkers there are [07:27] Introperv: the power of crackness [07:27] Introperv: y ou should start a band or sell chocolates or something [07:28] TAFKACC: ha.... -_-
[07:28] Introperv: perhaps a line of diabetic jams [07:30] TAFKACC: excuse me a minute, i have to make kirtaner his fansign -_-;;;;; [07:30] Introperv: np
[07:35] Introperv: when you come back. a question for neer because he isn't here, I'm sure he'd be interested to know if you remember him [07:36] Introperv: he was \<------> on dj and \<------> on lj Session Close (TAFKACC): Mon Feb 13 08:10:37 2006

Multiperson Room conversation:
Session Start (Introperv:chat24349032220298005850): Mon Feb 13 07:46:44 2006 [07:47] Introperv: hey it worked
[07:47] Aly: everyone's here?
[07:47] TAFKACC: ditto.
[07:47] TAFKACC: wow, its the cracky-chan club! [07:47] TAFKACC: clubhouse -____-
[07:47] Introperv: well Anonymous just asked to be included [07:47] Aly: it remebers me of hamtaro clubhouse.... -.- [07:48] TAFKACC: go ahead. may as well be better than having a million individual IMs open. [07:48] Introperv: um should I repost my question for neer [07:48] TAFKACC: for neer? about my remembering him? [07:48] TAFKACC: i can't say i do.
[07:48] Introperv: yes
[07:48] Aly: everything is so unreal.... :-) - random USA guy and cracky :-) [07:48] TAFKACC: i don't remember either name, but if he was the one who made all thsoe posts recollecting the contents of my LJ, they were pretty accurate. [07:48] Introperv: he seems very sad to have lost contact [07:49] TAFKACC: well, i must admit. i have no idea who he is. [07:49] Introperv: it makes me sad to read his posts they were like eulogies [07:49] Introperv: i'll tell him something tactful [07:49] Introperv: i'm mr. tact you know [07:49] Aly: maybe he was like a shy one with a crash on you [07:50] Aly: mr tact?
[07:50] Introperv: so kirtaner has his proof and the board will die? [07:51] Introperv: dr. tact
[07:51] TAFKACC: i just emailed kirtaner my "fansign" -_- [07:51] TAFKACC: i don't know whether it would be a good or bad idea to have it posted on the board. [07:51] Introperv: i'm as tactful as something that is really really tactful and can't do similes [07:51] Aly: ^^ can we see it?
[07:51] TAFKACC: uh....
[07:52] Introperv: i would think it would be a good idea otherwise [07:52] Introperv: people will overanalyze this as a hoax [07:52] Introperv: the ultimate hoax
[07:52] Introperv: i'm pretty taken in myself [07:52] TAFKACC: *sigh* well, i suppose i could look at it this way: damned if i do and damned if i don't. [07:52] Introperv: just damned in general [07:52] Introperv: consider us your cheerleading group [07:53] Aly: i'll wear my big hand and go on the roof cheerleading [07:53] Aly: so ppl will see me on google earth [07:53] Introperv: you have a big hand? you know what they say about people with big hands [07:54] Aly: i don't know the name of that gloves you have in USA [07:54] Introperv: oh man my boss is so upset with me now [07:54] Introperv: i think we just call them big glove thingies [07:55] TAFKACC: o
[07:56] Aly: google hasn't the answer ;
; [07:56] TAFKACC: i don't know what to say. [07:56] Aly: about the gloves?
[07:56] Introperv: :P
[07:56] TAFKACC: no, uh, i'm just generally weirded out. [07:56] Introperv: did you catch any of my more ingenious stalking devices [07:56] Introperv: and would they have panned out eventually [07:57] Aly: i know i'm weird
[07:57] TAFKACC: your ingenious stalking devices? such as? [07:57] Aly: and proud of being weird
[07:57] Introperv: latest was reading thru pullip communities [07:57] Introperv: before that was trying to match the exact plaid of one of your skirts to a school unifrom [07:58] TAFKACC: oh, i saw those. both of them dead ends. [07:58] Introperv: before that was analyzing holiday houses in guernsey [07:58] Introperv: and trolling trevor brown sites [07:58] Aly: 21st century Sherlock Holmes [07:58] Introperv: and looking up every journal of everyone that liked gravitation ever [07:58] Introperv: which is a lot of people [07:59] Introperv: what else...
[07:59] TAFKACC: 1) i don't collect dolls anymore 2) that was a fake school uniform 3) i don't live in guernsey 4) i never posted on tb's sites. [07:59] TAFKACC: and gravitation, that was a 12-year-old fangirl thing. [07:59] Introperv: you didn't post the two or three \<-----> ones? [07:59] TAFKACC: ohh, yes. i'd forgotten that! [07:59] Introperv: neer told me the uniform was a dead end [07:59] Aly: it was a good cosplay btw
[08:00] Introperv: also the lucid dreaming \<------L> was that you or the \<-----> girl [08:00] Introperv: we know the lastFM wasnt you [08:00] Introperv: and I didn't say you lived in guernsey just that the one house from the picture was probably there [08:00] Introperv: everything I saw said oxford [08:01] TAFKACC: yeah, i was on \<------L>. christ. i had completely forgotten. you guys are thorough. [08:01] Introperv: oh also looking for your friend \<------M> who still has lj up [08:01] Aly: what is \<------L>? doll community? [08:01] Introperv: well it is good to get all the weirdness out at once i guess [08:02] Introperv: catharsis for me really [08:02] TAFKACC: oh, \<------M> wouldn't help you. she knows about my "fanclub" -- plus we are not close anymore. [08:02] TAFKACC: \<------L> = lucid dreaming messageboard [08:02] TAFKACC: i was 14 when i posted on there a bit [08:03] Introperv: that was where we found the prozac bit because we had some psych majors doing profiles of you [08:03] Aly: i have to open to understand you, intro.... [08:03] Introperv: if i get out of hand just yell at me in italian ok [08:03] Aly: sarà fatto
[08:04] Introperv: capito
[08:05] Introperv: damn \<------M> was a dead end I wasted so much time on that one [08:05] Aly: another question! do you have a normal social life? (i'm just curious... i was wondering how is going out of home and ppl screaming "hi cracky") [08:05] TAFKACC: nobody screams "hi cracky" to me, heh. [08:05] Introperv: what about \<------C> do you still talk to him his art is awesome [08:05] Aly: I'm used to ppl staring bad at me [08:06] TAFKACC: ah! unfortunately no. i wish i had still kept in contact with him. [08:06] TAFKACC: i have a few friends and i go to school. [08:06] Aly: so normal life :-)
[08:06] Introperv: um i know \<------C> myspace by heart if you want it lol [08:06] Introperv: \<------C2>
[08:07] TAFKACC: pretty much. and yes i know \<------C>'s lj as well. maybe i will mail him someday. [08:07] Introperv: oh jeez who else.. um the finns from dj [08:07] Introperv: \<------E> or whatever with the alien boyfriend [08:08] Introperv: oh god an anon has a "proposition" for me [08:08] Introperv: why do people think i have the answers they are looking for [08:08] Aly: because you know too much
[08:08] Introperv: i know nothing
[08:08] Introperv: i have this fantasy character pieced together from tiny little snippets [08:09] TAFKACC: can i hear anons proposition? [08:09] Introperv: and random bits of knowledge i tried to weave together to lead me where i wanted to go [08:09] Introperv: he hasn't formulated it yet [08:09] Aly: i mailed him too
[08:09] Introperv: posted on the board there [08:11] Introperv: backing up my logs, if I lost this I would be devastated [08:11] Aly: lol
[08:12] Aly: like an holy bible?
[08:12] Introperv: anon just came on aim [08:12] Aly: \<------t>?
[08:14] Aly: TAFKACC/cracky, can you send me your fansign? :-) [08:15] Aly: \<----->@\<----->
[08:15] Introperv: aly can you send me if you get it lol [08:15] TAFKACC: >
[08:16] Introperv: you see how bad i am [08:16] Aly: ;__;
[08:16] Aly: you said ok before... ;___; [08:16] Aly: I'm going to cry
[08:16] Aly: lol
[08:16] Introperv: is the sign a happy or a sad picture [08:16] Aly: Y_Y
[08:16] Aly: T_T
[08:16] TAFKACC: i suppose it makes little difference now - so okay. [08:16] Aly: ç_ç
[08:17] Aly: *happy* \^^/
[08:17] TAFKACC: ...o
[08:17] Introperv: happy pictures make me smile [08:17] Introperv: because so many were so maudlin [08:17] TAFKACC: um.
[08:18] TAFKACC: i wonder if i should send it to either of you or just post it on the board. [08:18] TAFKACC: i am really hesitant. err. [08:18] Introperv: well they know you are there right [08:18] Aly: you can send it from a shitty webmail [08:18] Introperv: so they are looking for proof [08:18] TAFKACC: can either of you accept file transfer in AIM? [08:18] Aly: i'll give my u/pw
[08:18] Aly: i think yes
[08:18] Introperv: you know i've never tried with this [08:19] Introperv: trillian behind a firewall so i don't know [08:19] Aly: aim behind firewall, try but [08:19] TAFKACC: holdon.
[08:20] TAFKACC: i'll email it, if anyone wishes to supply their address. [08:20] Introperv: \<----->
[08:20] Introperv: \<----->
[08:20] Introperv: and i think this aol has an email too? not sure [08:20] Aly: (Link: mailto:\<----->)\<-----> or \<-----> [08:20] Aly: better the \<-----> one
[08:21] Introperv: how did you get it to mailto: link there [08:21] Aly: hum? me? trillian parsing i suppose [08:23] Introperv: i am that updating poor \<-----> anon [08:23] Introperv: stuck with only email access at a time like this [08:23] Aly: neer?
[08:24] Introperv: no that other one that reposted my blue shop i made from twigglets [08:24] Aly: he will read the board
[08:24] Introperv: the board will be gone in a week and a half [08:25] Introperv: which is when he comes back [08:25] TAFKACC: i sent... (Link: \<-----> doesn't seem to work, but i think \<-----> did. [08:25] TAFKACC: well, you can tell me. [08:25] Introperv: ah, there was an extra i in there [08:25] Introperv: \<----->
[08:26] Aly: cool hair :-)
[08:27] Aly: i won't share this pic
[08:27] Introperv: oh god i feel so left out [08:27] Introperv: the tension is killing me [08:28] TAFKACC: sent.
[08:28] Introperv: received
[08:28] TAFKACC: ....
[08:28] Introperv: oh wow
[08:28] Introperv: you still have the extensions [08:29] TAFKACC: what disturbs me is that someone found a recent picture which was in a private photo account and posted it on the board. [08:29] Introperv: that makes sense now that you told me the short hair was earlier [08:29] Aly: wich pic?
[08:29] Introperv: but they also said that was the only one they had [08:29] TAFKACC: all pictures of me with long braids like that are from private photobuckets, except for 2. [08:29] TAFKACC: i've deleted them now >< [08:29] Introperv: ka and nurindeinemkopf [08:30] TAFKACC: .... you sure have a good memory. [08:30] Introperv: sprechen sie deutsch btw? [08:30] Introperv: oder nur ein bisschen [08:30] TAFKACC: ein bischen, aber meine deutsch ist...scheisse. [08:30] Aly: i told you, nothing is secure on internet :-( (it's why i hate blogs and such faggotry) [08:30] Introperv: auch ich
[08:30] Aly: aiuto, che state dicendo?
[08:30] TAFKACC: no italian >
[08:31] Aly: i said "help, wha are you saying?" [08:31] Aly: :-D
[08:31] Introperv: nihongo hanasemasu ka ne [08:31] Aly: italian is a difficult language ^^" [08:31] TAFKACC: i've forgotten all my japanese [08:31] TAFKACC: except "wakarimasen"
[08:31] Introperv: that's a good one to know ^^ [08:32] Aly: jap or it?
[08:32] Aly: now i must get prepared
[08:32] Aly: get dressd
[08:32] Aly: get the makeup
[08:32] Aly: and wow, going to the cinema [08:33] Introperv: so kirtanersign is not for trade then [08:33] Aly: it's like the holy graal
[08:34] Aly: it exixts, but no one knows where [08:34] Aly: lol
[08:34] Introperv: because I could probably finally get those dust pictures for it dammit [08:34] TAFKACC: dust...?
[08:34] Introperv: except i am supposed to be good from now on [08:34] TAFKACC: oh, you mean covered in flour? [08:34] Introperv: yeah rammstein inspired i take it [08:34] Introperv: never seen them
[08:35] TAFKACC: i think i may post it on the board thus decreasing its value, i'm afraid. [08:35] Introperv: actually there are quite a few that were on selfportraits that i don't have [08:35] TAFKACC: i'm still undecided... [08:35] Introperv: as long as i can get one copy, i will be ecstatic [08:35] Introperv: no matter how
[08:35] Aly: posting what? the dus/flour/rammstein ones? [08:37] Introperv: lol trying to explain the gospel to this \<-----> [08:37] Introperv: book one genesis
[08:38] Introperv: an incredibly cute girl gets drunk and bored [08:38] Introperv: writes on her hand
[08:38] Introperv: a new cult is born
[08:38] Aly: he didn't know anything?
[08:38] Introperv: well he was asking about #sweet [08:38] Introperv: which is the 100000euro question [08:38] Aly: lol no euro in UK
[08:38] TAFKACC: pounds.
[08:39] Introperv: one world currency!
[08:39] Introperv: one world government [08:39] Introperv: burn the reichstag
[08:39] Introperv: or something
[08:39] Aly: the most used currency in internet are cracky pics, it seems.... [08:39] Aly: :|
[08:40] Introperv: just where we hang out :P [08:40] Introperv: aly you are \<-----> on \<------> rite [08:40] Introperv: ah anon scores a hit [08:40] Aly: (Link: \<----->
[08:40] Introperv: 'butterfly effect"
[08:41] Introperv: yeah thats the \<------> I was thinking of [08:41] Introperv: i was thinking of sending you an add req but [08:41] Aly: feel free to add me
[08:41] Introperv: not sure if i should cross my real life with this personality [08:41] Aly: ?
[08:42] Introperv: i guess it doesn't matter now, ill send an add later [08:42] Aly: a friend of mine obbligated me to \<------> [08:42] Introperv: \<------>
[08:42] Aly: \-.-\ you can see me in that pic. it's why i say i'm weird [08:42] Introperv: i had to make one to stalk... er... i mean to contact some certain people [08:43] Aly: lol, i added all the \<------> [08:43] Introperv: i tried to add all of them but only got \<------> [08:43] Introperv: haven't heard from \<------> [08:43] TAFKACC: i have never, and will never hopefully, have a myspace. [08:43] Introperv: it is the worst place on earth :D [08:43] Aly: myspace sucks :/ its true. it's always in maintenance [08:44] Introperv: not just maintenance the whole layout and concept is awful [08:44] Aly: cracky, don't even make new blogs :/ [08:44] Introperv: and the pages people have that load music and videos right away [08:44] Aly: heavy like loading the universe [08:44] Aly: sorry, how must i refer to you? cracky? scm? you? [08:45] TAFKACC: heh, my real name is a secret and will remain so. btw, "cracky" is something some witty anonymous b-tard thought up. [08:45] Introperv: i'll assume not by the supposed first name we found [08:45] TAFKACC: because it looked like i had been snorting too much crack :D [08:46] Introperv: i was in that thread [08:46] Introperv: but not that person who coined the phrase [08:46] Introperv: anon's proposition is as follows [08:46] Aly: I wasnt asking your real name ^^ (mine is \<----->) but... is it ok i I call you cracky? [08:46] Introperv: he wants to host a .com with all known pictures but a "disclaimer yelling at people to leave her alone" [08:47] Introperv: should i throw the names at you and you can deny them or not even bother [08:48] TAFKACC: umm, please. no more fan websites. [08:49] TAFKACC: call me what you like. [08:49] Introperv: quoting directly
[08:49] Introperv: he says alright
[08:50] Introperv: did your last name have anything to do with trees [08:50] Introperv: ah nm don't answer that [08:50] Aly: intro....
[08:50] TAFKACC: it didn't.
[08:50] Introperv: old habits die hard
[08:51] Introperv: ok then i never found your name you can breathe easier [08:51] TAFKACC: -_-;;;
[08:51] Introperv: just the names \<-----> called you [08:52] Aly: lol, login at myspace isnt working.... [08:52] Introperv: i have Anonymous on the line if you havent' spoken with him yet [08:53] TAFKACC: oh, i have an Anonymous on IM right now diverting me. [08:53] Introperv: ok that is same one
[08:53] Aly: join him here
[08:53] *** Anonymous has joined the chat. [08:53] Introperv: kirtaner messaged me too and i hadn't seen it [08:53] Introperv: hi Anonymous
[08:54] Anonymous: y hallo thar guys
[08:54] Aly: hi
[08:56] Introperv: just confirming with kirtaner that we have the genuine article [08:57] Aly: so the board will close. that's good. [08:57] Introperv: he's says british ip, and i told him i agreed already there really isnt a doubt [08:57] Introperv: not good for me
[08:57] Anonymous: yeah she seems legit to me [08:57] Aly: i'll hel you get another hobby [08:57] Aly: *help
[08:58] Aly: you chatted with "her holiness", be happy intro :-) [08:58] Aly: ;-)
[08:58] Introperv: oh god what will i do [08:58] Anonymous: don't worry Intro, I think you're a cool guy [08:58] Introperv: well if there are no more pictures i guess i can stop [08:58] Anonymous: hey, what was that about the ARG? [08:58] TAFKACC: arg?
[08:58] Introperv: but it makes kitty very very very very very very very very sad if there will be no more pictures ever [08:58] TAFKACC: i have a history of cruelty to animals. [08:59] Introperv: alternate reality game [08:59] Introperv: facky's doing
[08:59] Anonymous: Intro said he was part of an alternate reality game to troll cracky stalkers [08:59] Aly: we will spread the thruth
[08:59] Introperv: i was making fun of myself [08:59] Anonymous: so in otherwords those LJ users were not actually your friends [08:59] Introperv: shii came up with the idea [08:59] Anonymous: ?
[08:59] Anonymous: oh man, Shii's in on this? [08:59] Anonymous: I salute you
[08:59] Anonymous: incredible trolling
[08:59] Introperv: the funniest part is i am both introperv and fgsfds so i was on both sides in that post [09:00] Anonymous: hey, I knew you were fgsfds from the beginning [09:00] Anonymous: who are Facky, Nyuu, etc. [09:00] Anonymous: ?
[09:01] Aly: I go to the cinema now :-) [09:01] Anonymous: bye
[09:01] Aly: bye all, i leave the window open [09:01] Introperv: um if you leave what happens to the window [09:01] Introperv: oh ok
[09:01] Introperv: i have no idea who facky and nyuu are [09:02] Anonymous: but I assume they are not legit? [09:02] Introperv: facky called nyuu by a girls name once in one of the redacted posts [09:02] Introperv: who knows
[09:06] Anonymous: now that you're out of a job Intro you should get some new s/n's and whatnot and start a mystery of your own [09:06] Anonymous: some sort of ARG
[09:06] Introperv: i don't have the chops to pull off something like that [09:07] Introperv: would need a hook
[09:07] Anonymous: yeah...
[09:07] Introperv: can't take pictures of myself, nobody wants to see them [09:07] Anonymous: lol
[09:07] TAFKACC: i had a friend who said i should patent cracky and market her. of course he was kidding --;;;; [09:07] Anonymous: haha
[09:08] TAFKACC: you know, these days i just keep her in my basement and feed her scraps sometimes. [09:08] Anonymous: if you could actually patent the character and make dolls or something, you could sell her, at least to 4channers [09:08] Anonymous: there's actually a big boom in Japan right now of 2channel merchandise [09:09] Anonymous: hey, Intro, who was Shii on LJ? [09:09] Introperv: no idea
[09:09] TAFKACC: unfortunately, i value my privacy more than "fame and fortune". [09:10] Introperv: but you could go so far with your talent [09:10] Anonymous: yeah they'd just call you a sell out anyway wwwwwww [09:10] TAFKACC: *cough*
[09:10] Introperv: start a band and do top of the pops [09:10] Introperv: i'd watch it
[09:11] TAFKACC: i prefer art.
[09:11] TAFKACC: but yeah, i was speaking in regards to notoriety on 4ch. [09:11] Introperv: so with you retreating into private world what will become of your art [09:11] Anonymous: yeah
[09:13] TAFKACC: i still paint and make collages. i think one day i might put them back up on the internet. just no personal photos, no more pictures of me. [09:13] Introperv: no photography at all? [09:13] TAFKACC: oh, i take photos of other subjects. [09:13] Introperv: good to hear
[09:14] Introperv: you know they say its good experience for a photographer to spend some time on the other side of the lens as a model [09:14] TAFKACC: well, i've done that quite enough. [09:14] TAFKACC: maybe again someday. who knows. [09:14] TAFKACC: for now, i don;t.
[09:15] Introperv: never say never
[09:15] Introperv: such a bittersweet day for me [09:15] Anonymous: hehe
[09:15] Introperv: pyrrhic victory (? how do you spell it) [09:15] Anonymous: no clue
[09:16] TAFKACC: i think i would have my art on or something if it wasn;t for this. [09:16] TAFKACC: so maybe one day, like i said. [09:16] Introperv: you don't even want to know how many devarts i went through looking for your collages [09:16] Introperv: and i don't even know what your collages look like [09:16] TAFKACC: heh, the ones that were postedi n my journal sucked because i didnt have a scanner. [09:17] Introperv: there should be some sort of devart-like place that doesn't allow comments right? [09:17] Introperv: so it would be entirely one way? [09:17] TAFKACC: *shrug* maybe. thing is, i would like to get criticism on my art. [09:17] TAFKACC: thats the purpose of it being public to me. [09:17] Introperv: ha! i said almost that exactly in one of my stalker posts [09:17] Anonymous: *bathroom, brb*
[09:17] Introperv: teehee
[09:18] Introperv: i think it was something like [09:18] Introperv: "creative people appreciate honest criticism from like minded peers unknown to them, as opposed to douchebags like me" [09:18] TAFKACC: uh huh.
[09:19] Introperv: which was the entire theory behind trouncing off to devart [09:19] Anonymous: *back*
[09:20] Anonymous: interesting to see you two talking (^o^) [09:20] Introperv: why is that
[09:20] Introperv: it is interesting to be talking [09:20] Introperv: i never thought i'd see the day [09:20] Anonymous: yeah that too
[09:20] TAFKACC: well, it certainly has occupied my afternoon o
O jeez. [09:21] Introperv: and she probably rues this day as well [09:21] Introperv: i called in sick to work [09:21] Anonymous: wow
[09:21] TAFKACC: haha.
[09:21] Anonymous: nice
[09:21] Introperv: it is 9 something am here [09:21] Anonymous: \<-----> in the morning [09:21] Introperv: i am supposed to be taking shit from my boss rite now [09:22] TAFKACC: what kind of work do you do? [09:22] TAFKACC: i think i am getting "reverse curiousity" here. [09:22] Introperv: shitty work?
[09:22] Anonymous: me too
[09:22] Anonymous: what country do you live in? I was curious after you made that post about goverment control. [09:22] Introperv: boxes and computer tracking shipments and troubleshooting technical crap and all that [09:22] Introperv: i live in bush's god's country [09:23] Anonymous: Ah, okay, lol
[09:23] Anonymous: I know the feeling, but I actually thought you lived somewhere else [09:23] Introperv: its a pretty part of it at least [09:23] Anonymous: I was in America through highschool [09:23] Anonymous: then I came to \<-----> [09:24] Introperv: did you put that comment on fgsfds? [09:24] Introperv: it was \<-----> ip
[09:24] Anonymous:
[09:24] Anonymous: yes
[09:24] Introperv: ha
[09:24] Anonymous:
[09:24] Introperv: can't slip anything past me [09:24] Anonymous: you are good
[09:24] Anonymous: you know, it'd kind of freaky [09:24] Anonymous: the stuff I say on /b/... [09:24] Introperv: not good enough to find her Excellency here [09:25] TAFKACC: huh?
[09:25] Introperv: although that seems to have been a bit of a wild goose chase [09:25] Introperv: meaning I was unsuccessful in finding your new journal [09:25] Introperv: despite my best efforts [09:26] Introperv: or even the rumored "semi-public" boyfriend's journal [09:26] Anonymous: *refering to last IM* some things that I'd never tell anybody ever, and I post them there anonymously... but the fact is that if \<-----> wanted to he could link together all my posts and probably completely ruin my life [09:27] Introperv: \<-----> probably has a lot of things on a lot of people [09:27] TAFKACC: well, theres this saying "never post anything on the internet you wouldn't mind seeing on the cover of the NY Times" [09:27] Anonymous: yeah
[09:27] TAFKACC: ....all of /B/ is screwed [09:27] Anonymous: I trust \<----->, I guess [09:27] Introperv: oh man if I saw you on the cover of the NY Times I would blow in my pants [09:28] Introperv: so to speak
[09:28] Anonymous: lol way to not look bad [09:28] Introperv: i really recovered at the end there huh [09:28] Introperv: oh shit i haven't even gone over to 4chan is it on fire? [09:28] TAFKACC: i can't say i'm that fazed. [09:28] TAFKACC: ...
[09:29] TAFKACC: i don't want to know.
[09:29] Anonymous: someone posted it but I think it went unnoticed [09:29] Introperv: yeah you missed the rape fantasies thread i think [09:29] Anonymous: it will be noticed later [09:29] TAFKACC: oh, thats nothing new -_-;;; [09:29] Anonymous: by /b/, that is
[09:29] Anonymous: and there will be a million new stories and theories and people who try to pretend that they are you and troll everyone else... [09:30] Introperv: so are your friends going to come hunt me down and kill me yet [09:30] TAFKACC: well, i can't do anything about it...unless a 4chan mod wants to reinstigate a ban -_-; [09:30] TAFKACC: hey, not if you find a new hobby. [09:30] Introperv: the ban got lifted?
[09:30] TAFKACC: i'm not sure actually. [09:30] Anonymous: it's sporadic
[09:30] TAFKACC: didn't snacks get fired? [09:30] Anonymous: yueah
[09:30] Anonymous: yeah
[09:30] Introperv: hmm new hobby...
[09:30] Introperv: yeah snacks left
[09:30] Anonymous: stalk :3chan for me
[09:31] TAFKACC: since was the one who made it...i don't know. [09:31] Anonymous: \<----->, I can help [09:31] Introperv: hobby.. do you have any cute friends that are artists [09:31] Introperv: j/k
[09:31] TAFKACC: but all japanese girls are clones. [09:31] Anonymous: lol
[09:31] Introperv: but there is only one :3 picture right? [09:31] Anonymous: two
[09:31] Introperv: does the second show her blazer crest? [09:32] Introperv: because that would give you her school def [09:32] Introperv: aside from the tie
[09:32] Introperv: which is a weird pattern [09:32] Anonymous: I am laughing out loud right now [09:32] Anonymous: your brain works so quickly [09:32] Introperv: somebody asked me about it already in 420's b [09:32] Introperv: said "introperv come stalk :3chan for us" [09:33] Anonymous: lol that wasn't me
[09:33] Anonymous: I think I replied to that thread tho [09:33] Introperv: and I told them I only had enough scary love for one person at a time [09:33] Anonymous: I don't go to 420 /b/ that often [09:33] Introperv: neither do i
[09:33] Introperv: only when i hit refresh on /cracky 10x in a row and nothing comes up [09:34] Introperv: well \<-----> rite
[09:34] Anonymous: yeah
[09:34] Introperv: so you can tell by the type of uniform what age range she is in [09:34] Introperv: and what time of year [09:34] Anonymous: yeah
[09:34] Anonymous: I was half kidding about that [09:34] Introperv: oh ok
[09:34] TAFKACC: i really don't beleive you are seriously considering this. [09:34] Introperv: just half?
[09:34] Introperv: two pictures is a little thin for me to go on [09:35] Introperv: and she doesn't have the appeal of your work [09:35] Anonymous: lol
[09:35] Introperv: well she didn't even take the pic rite [09:35] Anonymous: okay, I was completely joking about that [09:35] Anonymous: no
[09:35] Anonymous: I guess not
[09:35] Anonymous: you should stalk the cockmongler [09:35] Introperv: and she didn't dress up or set the scene or anything [09:36] Introperv: she didn't take layers and make the area around her glow [09:36] Introperv: or smudge her hair
[09:36] Anonymous: actually I am just interested to know where the pics came from [09:36] Introperv: or put eyes on anything [09:36] Introperv: she just sucks is what i am driving at basically [09:36] Introperv: lol
[09:36] Anonymous: and how they got forced (or not forced) into such a huge meme [09:37] Anonymous: I'd be more interested in the first anon to post the pic than the actual girl [09:37] Introperv: oh god the toilet tape [09:37] Anonymous: ??
[09:37] Introperv: i forgot to ask about the blue toilet tape [09:37] Anonymous: oh, yeah, I remember that [09:37] Introperv: quite the subject of discussion someone just brought it up on 420 [09:38] TAFKACC: it was out of order.
[09:38] Anonymous: MYSTERY SOLVED
[09:38] TAFKACC: it was taped shut whilst waiting for the plumber to come in sometime. [09:38] Introperv: lucky plumber
[09:38] TAFKACC: *sigh* um, any other mysteries you need clearing up then? [09:38] Introperv: oh god yes
[09:38] Introperv: hold on
[09:39] Introperv: the mirror flipping
[09:39] Anonymous: actually I can't think of anything offhand [09:39] Introperv: was the eye on your left or right hand [09:39] TAFKACC: i just like to flip my pictures for fun/added surreal effect. [09:39] Anonymous: but I think Intro is more into this than me -_- [09:39] Introperv: was the keyhole over your heart or reversed [09:39] Introperv: was witch written in the mirror [09:39] TAFKACC: i don't remember about the eye. key was over my heart and witch was written in amirror...i think. [09:40] Introperv: so you are right handed then [09:40] TAFKACC: my memory is bad -- yes, right hand.. [09:40] Introperv: drawing with right hand onto left hand one mystery down [09:40] Introperv: lessee... pic of you and another girl by a stump [09:41] Introperv: looks like \<----->'s work was it? [09:41] Anonymous: wait a minute...
[09:41] Anonymous: who is \<----->?
[09:41] TAFKACC: a friend who i took pictures with once or twice. [09:41] TAFKACC: she put the camera on a treestump. [09:41] TAFKACC: and timed it.
[09:41] Anonymous: weird....
[09:41] Introperv: she is also a great photographer [09:41] Anonymous: I have a friend...
[09:41] Introperv: but different style
[09:42] Anonymous: who knows someone in the UK named \<----->.... [09:42] Anonymous: and when I saw that pic I thought it looked like her [09:42] TAFKACC: there's lots of \<----->s in the uk... [09:42] TAFKACC: i only went out with her once after that. [09:42] TAFKACC: i think it was in may. [09:42] Anonymous: yeah, but it's just the way she looked [09:42] Introperv: she is away at college now [09:42] Anonymous: and the style
[09:42] Introperv: was in africa for a bit [09:43] Introperv: okay the neil gaiman autograph... how did you meet him [09:43] TAFKACC: at a book signing.
[09:43] Introperv: more like a wrist signing [09:43] TAFKACC: yup.
[09:43] Introperv: yarn owl... where did it come from [09:43] Introperv: i want one
[09:44] TAFKACC: it was in my grandma's bathroom. [09:44] Anonymous: someone mentioned that they'd seen those in the US [09:44] TAFKACC: who knows how she acquired it. [09:44] Introperv: i love knitted things they are like concentrated love [09:44] Introperv: knitting is so zen
[09:44] TAFKACC: you should take up knitting as your new hobby. [09:45] Introperv: no way
[09:45] Anonymous: yeah knit a yarn crackychan [09:45] TAFKACC: why not?
[09:45] TAFKACC: knit those little white shii cats. [09:45] Introperv: i have watched many many people knit and i just don't get it [09:45] Anonymous: shii is adorable
[09:45] Introperv: my brain doesn't work that way [09:45] Anonymous: the cat not the American dude [09:46] TAFKACC: well, do you think you get closure from having all this cleared up or not? [09:46] Introperv: let see boy pics... where did they come from how many were there was that lipstick on the teeth was the wide shot really planned or just felicity [09:46] Anonymous: I do
[09:47] TAFKACC: ....the ones with black hair you mean? [09:47] TAFKACC: in those i'm 13.
[09:47] Introperv: yes
[09:47] TAFKACC: they're not from lj.
[09:47] Introperv: took us forever to figure out they were def you [09:47] TAFKACC: i never thought they'd be in public o
o [09:47] Introperv: so good at changing your appearance [09:47] TAFKACC: i think they were uploaded on my geocities to show a friend once and never deleted. [09:47] Introperv: i had to match an old photo of you as a kid in that green and white chair [09:47] TAFKACC: i saw.
[09:48] Anonymous: that was really slick [09:48] Introperv: oh shit I just blushed [09:48] Introperv: oh man I knew I should have written out all my questions sometime [09:49] Introperv: um niertem or nierten ? [09:49] Introperv: m or n is what i am asking [09:49] Introperv: and were the scribbles mouse or do you have a tablet [09:50] TAFKACC: nierten, and it was a tablet. [09:50] Anonymous: what's nierten?
[09:50] TAFKACC: old english.
[09:50] Anonymous: ah
[09:50] TAFKACC: faegernis_nierten was an old deleted email. [09:50] Anonymous: I am behind on the stalking ^^ [09:50] Introperv: do you read old english poems or anything [09:51] TAFKACC: from when i was 13/14. i think it meant "beauty/beast" [09:51] Introperv: i listen to bands that set them to music sometimes [09:51] TAFKACC: nah, i just used to like the dictionary a lot. [09:51] Introperv: so no more dolls tho [09:52] TAFKACC: no, i grew out of them. [09:52] Introperv: i wasted my weekend
[09:52] Anonymous: lol
[09:52] Introperv: one of the psych majors posited that very thing [09:52] TAFKACC: i read that...
[09:52] Anonymous: I laughed at that stuff about the dolls [09:52] TAFKACC: yeah, some doll-collectors are really creepy! [09:52] Anonymous: I actually have a friend back in America who's into them [09:52] Introperv: oh god that pullip parade site was so odd [09:52] Anonymous: her boyfriend is a doll [09:53] Introperv: and the pink
[09:53] Introperv: if i never see pink again [09:53] Anonymous: and he has his own LJ and everything [09:53] TAFKACC: i've seen that sort of thing. [09:53] Introperv: did you read the psych guy's theory about your childhood abuse [09:53] Introperv: and eating disorcer
[09:53] Anonymous: I dunno, I think it's kind of cute but I'm weird that way [09:53] TAFKACC: i had some unpleasant times as a teenager. [09:54] Introperv: who didn't
[09:54] TAFKACC: well, i still *am* in my teens. [09:54] Anonymous: ^dolls, not abuse, lol [09:54] TAFKACC: but you know, when i was 12. [09:54] Introperv: 12 is a bad age
[09:54] Introperv: 13 sux too
[09:54] TAFKACC: that i won't really talk about. but yes i did cut because of something like that. [09:55] TAFKACC: 13 sure does.
[09:55] Introperv: um i didn't mean to pry [09:55] Anonymous: no need to talk about that kind of stuff anyway [09:55] Introperv: that sounds odd
[09:55] TAFKACC: no, i know what you meant. [09:55] Introperv: I really do wish you well with your life [09:55] Anonymous: 14 was bad for me, but that's just because I have a messed up head and a family history of depression [09:56] Introperv: you should know that I didn't start out trying to be this obsessive, it just sort of snowballed on me [09:56] TAFKACC: yep. i see.
[09:56] Introperv: things are better now yes? [09:56] TAFKACC: yes, they are.
[09:56] Anonymous: that's good to hear
[09:57] Introperv: that makes me ^________________^ [09:57] TAFKACC: ...i have to say, the only thing that's bothered me immensely is stumbling upon my stalker board -_- [09:57] Introperv: i'm sure many feel the same [09:57] Anonymous: I cut a few times, not really fun [09:57] Introperv: that must have been a shock [09:57] Introperv: i figured somebody in your circle of friends would have warned you [09:57] Introperv: and about crackypedia [09:58] Anonymous: still, you're doing something really great by talking to us [09:58] TAFKACC: my friends aren't great 4ch goers. [09:58] Introperv: really great or really foolish [09:58] Anonymous: hey, I don't think you're that crazy Intro [09:58] Anonymous: ...
[09:59] Introperv: please don't regret posting those images [09:59] Anonymous: I mean, it's really admirable that you (cracky) can be so mature about this kind of thing [09:59] TAFKACC: well, i'm not going to divulge anything about my personal life beyond the vague -_- [09:59] TAFKACC: eh, can't change it.
[09:59] Introperv: they brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people [09:59] Anonymous: don't regret it
[10:00] Anonymous: you've left a legacy [10:00] Introperv: more than i can say
[10:00] Anonymous: someday you can tell your kids, "I was an internet celebraty in my day" [10:00] Anonymous: celebrity*
[10:00] Anonymous: whatever
[10:01] Anonymous: seriously, how many people can say that? ^-^ [10:01] Introperv: do you still have the same umini-D camera [10:01] Introperv: or a better one
[10:01] TAFKACC: i'm not having kids! and its not something i'd be proud of -- [10:01] TAFKACC: same camera.
[10:01] Anonymous: lol
[10:01] Introperv: someone on facky discussion claimed all your new work was webcam and blood [10:02] Anonymous: I think the LJers were all bogus dude [10:02] Introperv: and I tried to goad them into revealing info by saying it sounded trite lol [10:02] Introperv: yeah all a load of disinformation [10:03] Introperv: the abhorrent vacuum [10:03] Anonymous: the internet.
[10:03] Anonymous: this is why I love the internet. [10:03] Introperv: oh you'll both be happy to hear I have no children and no plans to father any :D [10:03] Introperv: i'm one of a kind
[10:04] Introperv: a kind of something
[10:04] Anonymous: something awful?
[10:04] Anonymous: oh yeah, forgot to ask, are you a goon? [10:05] Introperv: nope not a goon
[10:05] Anonymous: me neither
[10:05] Introperv: or are you asking her [10:05] Introperv: because that would be funny [10:05] Anonymous: no I assume she's not [10:05] TAFKACC: a goon?
[10:05] Anonymous: a Something Awful member [10:05] TAFKACC: no.
[10:05] Introperv: oh the pheelie bucket [10:05] Anonymous: actually if you were a goon I would probably die laughing [10:05] Introperv: it got closed or you closed it? [10:06] Introperv: because message said violation of tos once [10:06] TAFKACC: i thought i had deleted it. [10:06] TAFKACC: then 6 months later a friend found out people were searching it and getting results. [10:06] Introperv: yeah it was up forever [10:06] TAFKACC: so he emailed them and told them to delete it. [10:06] TAFKACC: nearly everything in there violated their TOS, heh heh. [10:07] Introperv: yeah but then their tos is really shitty [10:07] Anonymous: psh
[10:07] Anonymous: there's some really seedy "art" sites that get linked on /b/ regularly that show naked 8 year olds [10:07] TAFKACC: i know the kind.
[10:08] Anonymous: I can't see how anything you did could violate any kind of porn law [10:08] TAFKACC: i used it as my saved image folder [10:08] TAFKACC: so there were a lot of images i never linked to anywhere. [10:08] TAFKACC: no child porn though!
[10:09] TAFKACC: though i was fascinated with children. [10:09] Introperv: do you like sturgess? [10:09] TAFKACC: i don't think i've heard of sturgess. who/what is it? [10:10] Introperv: a famous photographer that mostly does children often nude [10:10] Anonymous: hey, I've got a question [10:10] Anonymous: how'd you find 4chan? [10:10] TAFKACC: through babyart.
[10:11] TAFKACC: i think...
[10:11] TAFKACC: yeah, it must've been. [10:11] Anonymous: ah
[10:11] TAFKACC: its so long ago to me x
x [10:12] Introperv: (Link: [10:12] TAFKACC: ohh, yes actually i do know him! [10:12] Anonymous: lol wut?
[10:12] TAFKACC: i can't say i'm a big fan. his photos aren't bad though. [10:12] Anonymous: j/k
[10:13] TAFKACC: my tastes have changed. [10:13] Introperv: he is like the canary in the coal mine for legislation [10:13] TAFKACC: i would probably have liked him 1 or 2 years ago. [10:13] Introperv: who are you into now [10:13] Introperv: stalk stalk stalk
[10:13] TAFKACC: umm. i'm not sure really. theres no one artist i fixate upon. [10:13] TAFKACC: i still quite like tb. [10:14] Introperv: the babyart forums have been so dead since they came back up [10:14] Introperv: a pale shadow of its former glory [10:15] TAFKACC: i don't check them anymore. [10:16] TAFKACC: i just use the internet for talking to my friends, and looking at individual art sites...or sometimes, a chan. [10:16] TAFKACC: hence the discovery of 420 >_< [10:16] Introperv: do you like surreal art [10:16] TAFKACC: like Dali? yes, some of it. [10:16] Introperv: i have a great place marked</b> [10:16] TAFKACC: go ahead.
[10:17] Introperv: pulling it up
[10:17] Introperv: (Link: [10:17] Introperv: has all the links
[10:17] Anonymous: oh hey, remembered something [10:17] Introperv: there is a particular one hold on [10:18] Introperv: it's richard marchand lemme find it [10:18] TAFKACC: oh?
[10:18] Anonymous: Intro, you mentioned once that the crackychan#sweet IP was trolling it's own threads as anon according to a 4chan mod [10:18] Introperv: oh duh (Link: [10:18] Introperv: yes that was in the dis thread [10:18] Anonymous: what was with that?
[10:19] Introperv: they said the #sweet ip was posting as anonymous saying "yeah cracky tell us where you live" or something [10:19] Anonymous: btw I like your link [10:19] TAFKACC: i can't say i remember. [10:19] Introperv: I could probably find the disc thread I may have it marked [10:20] TAFKACC: i might have done, after all i was just having fun >_< [10:20] Introperv: drinking is fun
[10:20] Anonymous: hmm yes
[10:20] Introperv: what was your poison [10:20] TAFKACC: wow, the surreal art link is great. [10:20] TAFKACC: thank you.
[10:20] Introperv: i'm guessing wine
[10:20] TAFKACC: vodka.
[10:20] Introperv: oh wow
[10:20] Introperv: hardcore
[10:20] Anonymous: heh, me too
[10:20] Anonymous: vodka and rum
[10:20] Introperv: that surreal place has a forum attached to it that is cool [10:20] TAFKACC: i don't drink anymore, needless to say. [10:20] Anonymous: ah
[10:21] Introperv: run by that guy who makes toddlerpedes [10:21] Anonymous: I think it's great so long as you don't go overboard, drinking that is [10:21] Anonymous: I've only drunk myself passed out a few times when I was really depressed [10:21] TAFKACC: it was maybe the second time i'd ever gotten really drunk. [10:21] Introperv: i drink to numb the pain of the loss of cracky [10:22] Introperv: now I will have to find another reason [10:22] Anonymous: now I just do it socially with a bunch of VIPPERS, lol [10:22] Anonymous: people from 2ch's VIP board, it's kinda like Japanese /b/ without pics [10:23] Introperv: oh man now I can actually go thru all those art links instead of 100s of doll communities and greatestjournals and flickrs and so forth [10:23] Introperv: it's like a whole new world [10:25] Anonymous: hmmm looking at that thread it seems like the /b/tards are arriving [10:25] Introperv: wow is wiped now too [10:26] Introperv: it's the end of days [10:26] TAFKACC: like the apocalypse huh? [10:27] Anonymous: "History."
[10:27] Introperv: yes
[10:27] Anonymous: all that's left of the community [10:27] Introperv: I don't know what do do with myself [10:27] TAFKACC: knit.
[10:28] TAFKACC: and collect stamps.
[10:28] Anonymous: dude, Cracky told you to do it, you HAVE to do it now [10:28] Introperv: I've had people try to show me how to knit before and I never understand [10:28] Introperv: it is like black magic [10:28] TAFKACC: ...then try voodoo.
[10:29] TAFKACC: as some guy in the thread suggested to me -_- [10:29] Introperv: i just saw that
[10:29] TAFKACC: so i have a question for you intro... [10:29] Introperv: i keep forgetting to check the thread [10:29] Introperv: anything
[10:30] TAFKACC: if i disappear now again, how';d you respond? [10:30] Introperv: well there is nothing I can do about it so I guess I'd pine for a while and mourn and check TAFKACC constantly to see if it comes back on, then hang myself [10:31] Introperv: except for the hanging bit [10:31] Introperv: maybe
[10:31] TAFKACC: don't hang yourself. go outside and make friends with kittens instead. [10:31] Introperv: how did you know I like kittens [10:31] Anonymous: everyone does
[10:31] Introperv: actually my cat is yelling at me right now to be let outside [10:31] TAFKACC: kittens are universal currency of like. [10:31] Anonymous: except for the bastard who made zippocat and that one guy from fukuoka [10:32] Anonymous: they're just weird
[10:32] Anonymous: everyone else is normal [10:32] Introperv: cats are normal, people are weird [10:32] Anonymous: yeah
[10:33] Anonymous: I miss my family's cat's in America... i wanna get a cat but my apartment is tiny and I'm not supposed to have one anyway [10:33] Introperv: we are all just living in their dreams because they sleep more than not [10:33] TAFKACC: i haven't had a cat for a while. [10:34] Introperv: my cat is my therapist, i'd be even more disturbed without him [10:34] TAFKACC: i don't know if i'll use this SN again or not. depending how this pans out i guess. i mean i've cleared up pretty much as much of the mystery as i can. [10:34] Anonymous: yeah thanks a lot for that [10:34] Introperv: you've answered everything quite frankly [10:34] Introperv: shocking actually
[10:34] TAFKACC: then, uh, i think my work here is done? [10:35] Anonymous: sure
[10:35] Introperv: this is where you disentangle yourself from me and ride off into the sunset isn't it [10:35] TAFKACC: i've been here all afternoon. yes, it is that part. [10:35] TAFKACC: *cough*
[10:35] Introperv: well I thank you for your time and wish you all the happiness in the world [10:36] Introperv: and apologize once again [10:36] Anonymous: as for me, I almost never use this s/n but if you ever want something translated or something you can get me at \<-----> [10:36] TAFKACC: well, i don't know what you expected. but likewise to both of you. [10:36] Introperv: please never give up art whatever form you choose [10:36] Anonymous: and yes, sorry for making you creeped out [10:36] TAFKACC: thank you for your good wishes. [10:36] TAFKACC: i don't hold many grudges. [10:36] Anonymous: I hope some of this stuff made you laugh as hard as it made me [10:36] Introperv: that's a good philosophy to have [10:37] TAFKACC: the fan art did -_-;;
[10:37] Introperv: my fan arts sucked :( [10:37] TAFKACC: anyway. g'day sirs.
[10:37] Anonymous: hahaha, I've always wondered what it'd be like to have fanart of me [10:37] Anonymous: thanks, and bye
[10:37] *** TAFKACC has left the chat.
[10:37] Anonymous: LOVE IS OVER
[10:37] Introperv: ah dammit didnt' get in my last goodbye

Okay, here are the details of the Cracky-chan thing for those of you that care.

There have been a lot of people stalking her, including myself, for around a year now. This is common knowledge. Most of it has taken place via the LJ community (taken down), and more recently the /cracky board (also taken down) on 420chan.

I started out interested in the whole thing just because she was a /b/ meme, but after a while I got really caught up in the mystery. I never had any intent to do anything bad to her, and neither did a lot of the other stalkers. We were just playing a game on the Internet, although even I will admit that some of them took it too far.

Anyway, she finally came out publicly yesterday on /cracky. She confirmed with Kirtaner, the owner of 420, by sending him one final picture (which is now public property). I just happened to be on at the right moment, and after a brief appeal, I got her to AIM me along with several of the other stalkers, including Introperv, our unofficial "leader" and by far the most determined and obsessed Cracky stalker.

I don't want to post the log, I made a promise that I wouldn't and even though I know you guys wouldn't copypasta it to other places (or even care enough to want to for that matter), I just don't feel like posting it. Basically, three of us (me, Intro, and Aly) ended up chatting with her for several hours, and she answered all of our questions. After this we met with the rest of the major stalkers and filled them in. So here, without further ado, is the truth about Cracky-chan:

"'Sup 4chan" is not a shop. #sweet really was her, it wasn't someone who had gotten ahold of her pictures as many (including Intro) had believed. She said she was really drunk at the time, and found 4chan through the LJ [info]babyart community. She had no idea that the pictures would spiral into what they did. As for the reports of

The thing is, when she actually posted, it was back before there were lots of camwhores on 4chan, so she really got a lot more attention focused on her than 4chan camwhores do nowadays. Also, unlike Era, Togi, Squeeks, etc., she was drunk and didn't know what she was getting herself into. When things started getting bad and people started stalking her, Snacks, who had figured out her email, asked her if she wanted him to start banning people for posting her pictures. She said yes.

That's really all there is to Snacks's mysterious and infamous "Cracky ban." That was the only time she ever talked to him. There was no relationship between them, there was no suicide, etc. I don't know why Snacks refused to tell the truth about that. The way he acted so secretive about the reason for Cracky ban (other mods say he wouldn't even tell them why he was doing it) was, in my opinion, one of the main things that caused Cracky to go from a temporary fad to a legendary meme. It also created a mystery, and opened up lots of space for trolls to spread insane theories. This is around the time things started to get creepy. The more I think about things, the more I start to blame Snacks's lack of good PR skills for a lot of what happened.

Anyway, that's the truth about the 4chan incident. Another thing that came out (actually debunked by Shii shortly before Cracky herself showed up) was that her "friends" running the LJ community were trolls. She only contacted one of them once, when he someone found out her email and asked if she wanted the community shut down, to which she said yes (although she had been friends with one person who learned about her from 4chan before, and they had exchanged addresses and personal info. This person disappeared around the time she was emailed from the community, so she thinks that he might have been one of the trolls there all along). While most of us suspected this to a certain extent (I had been reverse trolling the LJ mods for sometime, and Intro was into it deeper still), I was still surprised at how little Cracky actually knew about most of what was going on. She had only found 420 a few days before, and she didn't even know about Crackypedia until Intro told her about it.

Other mysteries solved included questions about the meaning behind many of her pictures, which I will not take the time to go through since I'm sure nobody really cares.

As for Cracky herself, she is a very mature, understanding, and forgiving girl. She didn't want to talk about it much, but she hinted that she had been abused before and that was why she cut. She said her life has gotten a lot better now. She never got angry at any of us, she never threatened anything or condemned anyone as stalkers, even when Intro said "good thing you didn't read the rape fantasies thread...". She was incredibly calm and cool about everything, which amazed me because I don't know how I'd react to finding a board full of people stalking me. She even said that she thought a lot of the stuff, especially the fanart, was really funny. However, she wants to be left alone now and said that she won't post any personal photos publicly again, which I think is a shame but understandable.

Personally, I feel kind of sad that we probably won't hear from her again. I am really hoping that the Cracky related stuff dies down, but already there are trolls sowing dissent and lies about what happened, and chances are that she will live on as a /b/ meme indefinitely. Kirtaner deleted the /cracky board before the drama got too out of hands, but not until after Dash Billions had shown his god-awful face there. ...God, I really hate that man.

I hope that I can keep in contact with Introperv and the others, as the Cracky Game had become quite a hobby and I feel like this whole thing has brought us together. We have created a secret forum and are talking about trying to make some sort of final thank you image for Cracky, although I don't know how we will get it to her as she admitted she'll probably never use the AIM name she talked to us on again. I, thankfully, have just been playing this like it was a game, I have a real life with real friends, and this won't affect them that much. However, I hope the others will be okay... especially Intro. He was really into this deep, a completely obsessed stalker even by his own admittance. He had to call in sick so he could skip work while we were talking to her (which she thought was funny). Cracky told him to take up knitting. He said he doesn't like knitting, but he always wanted one of those yarn owls like she had, and since his Goddess told him to I'm thinking he might actually do it. He's probably a sorry excuse for a human being in anyone else's eyes, but he never meant to hurt her and I'm really happy that Cracky was so kind to him. At the same time I feel sorry for him because he really has nothing to do anymore. He was crushed when she said that she didn't want to continue her photography, something which he really admires her for. He's a brilliant detective, and was able to find out so much about her from so little. Personally I think he should participate in or even puppet master an ARG (alternate reality game, such as "I Love Bees"). He'd be great at it.

We'll probably not hear from Cracky again for a long time, maybe even forever. That kind of makes me sad. Yesterday was one of the most surreal days I've ever had. Talking to Cracky-chan wasn't just like talking to someone famous, it was like talking to an anime character or something. It really blurred the lines between Internet and Reality in a way that kind of freaked me out, but was incredibly fun at the same time. I was shaking when she IMed me, and the hours we talked seemed like minutes. It was a bizarre feeling, talking to an Internet meme.

Introperv and the rest (and Cracky too for that matter) also have enough information to pinpoint me now. Unlike them I always posted as Anonymous, and I never had a name. For the final showdown, and when I communicate with the others now, I use the alias Anonytard, an old email and AIM name I had for chatting with /b/tards and trolling 4chan's enemies. I was also "an anonymous active on this board" and "oxfordmaiden." However, the other guys know my aliases and are smart enough that they could piece together all my posts on LJ, /cracky, DQN, and all of our other stalker hideouts. I mentioned while we were chatting with Cracky that I live in Japan, which Intro, being as thorough as he is, had already figured out from the IP of a comment I left on one of his LJ accounts. And there really aren't that many /b/tards in Japan. I am definitely the most active one. It's not so much that I am freaked out about them doing anything to me, since we are all pretty tight (especially after yesterday), but it's still weird to have people who have always been entities of the Internet knowing things about me for a change. If the chat logs get out, my aliases and words could become eternalized as part of the whole lore. And it still blows my mind to think that Cracky, the Internet meme, the girl in all the pics, now knows about ME. I mentioned that she could email me if she ever wants anything translated. I wonder if she ever will.

Anyway, that's my whole stalker story, and a piece of my secret life as an Anonymous. It's been fun. And wow, I wrote a lot. I'm really not that obsessed with her, it's just a game, you've gotta believe believe me...(;´Д`) Anyway, time to bounce back into the Real world. I think I'll go eat some Yoshinoya.

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